Infographic on being sensible before adopting a cat companion

The title is self-explanatory. The topic lends itself to an infographic as these are bullet point reminders. Some are obvious and some less so. Perhaps the most important part of cat adoption is before it takes place. The preparation. The budgeting, the research, the honesty is assessing whether one is genuinely in a position to take responsibility for a cat for their lifetime.

Although the assessment should not be too negative as there are many rescue cats out there needing homes ✔️. I mention ‘rescue cat’ but that’s another box to tick. I recommend adopting a rescue cat but you heart might be set on a purebred. That changes the budgetary requirements because of initial cost. The maintenance costs are similar but probably higher because most purebred cats have inherited illnesses, some severe and chronic in middle age. This prompts the question as to whether pet insurance might be a good idea but the insurers know the problems. Pet health insurance for purebred cats isn’t cheap.

Pet savings account to pay for self-insurance

Be sensible before adopting a cat
Be sensible before adopting a cat. And be honest and challenging. Infographic prepared by MikeB.
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Below are some articles on cat adoption. Have a skim. There is more detail than I can include in an infographic.

Pros and cons in adopting an old cat from a shelter

Pros and cons of adopting an old cat from a shelter

Before I dip into the pros and cons of adopting an old cat from a shelter, I would like to ...
Emma Chamberlain and her new kitten Frankie just after adoption from a shelter. I like the screenshot as it has the flavour of a vlogger.

Facts about the health and behaviour of cats and dogs adopted from 3 animal shelters in America

An interesting study about the health and behaviour of cats and dogs one week and one month after adoption from ...
Trying to select the right cat breed.

Person asks, “I want a beautiful cat that is affectionate and loving. What breed makes the best cat?”

I'm going to answer the questions in the title which are on the website. I like to do that ...
Shelter cats

A shelter cat should be allowed to choose their caregiver

They say that if you are at an animal shelter looking to adopt a cat, you should let the cat ...

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3 thoughts on “Infographic on being sensible before adopting a cat companion”

    1. Thanks for this. I guess all small wild cats can be domesticated to a certain extent when they are raised with their human parent. The humans are imprinted on the cat’s brain as their mother. A close bond follows that can’t be broken.

      1. Oh no, the cat is free today. Him and a lady taught him to hunt and survive on his own in the Amazon jungle. I went and found this for you and anyone else interested. Go watch.
        The orphaned wildcat cub who saved my life: British soldier who moved to the Amazon ‘with a plan to die’ reveals how raising an ocelot helped him heal from PTSD in tear-jerking new film. 2:39 VIDEO

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