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I don’t need to add many words here as the infographic says all that I’d like to say about this very popular medium-sized wild cat species. In America there is considerable interest in the caracal as a pet. They are attractive. For the medium-sized wild cats the caracal and serval are the two most likely to become a pet (of sorts). You’ll see some well-fed overweight caracals enjoying the American or Latvian high life. The caracal is somewhat predisposed to being a pet as in times gone by they were used to hunt with humans. The phrase ‘cat among the pigeons’ comes from sending caracals into a group of pigeons on the ground and seeing how many he/she could catch. They are very good catchers of birds taking off. Two outstanding characteristics: their super-long black lynx tips to their ears and their astonishing ability to jump vertically which comes from their motivation to hunt birds trying to escape by flying off.

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Here is the infographic which as stated is free to use by anyone for any purpose.

Caracal Description in an infographic
Caracal Description in an infographic by MikeB
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