Infographic on cat muscles and movement

A bit of feline anatomy for those who are interested. It is an overview by dint of the fact that it is an infographic with limited space. If you are interested in this important aspect of domestic cat anatomy, I have a page in on cat anatomy for kids. Also, an overview but in more detail.

Infographic on Cat Muscles and Movement
Infographic on ‘Cat Muscles and Movement’ by MikeB. It is free to use under a Creative Commons: ATTRIBUTION-NODERIVS CC BY-ND license. Click on the image and right click on the subsequent image.
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The fact of the matter is that for the domestic cat their muscles and flexibility are integral to their abilities to hunt so effectively and survive so efficiently. It’s what contributes to that well-known saying that cats have nine lives. It means that they are great survivors. And it is thanks to their persistence, athleticism based upon their anatomy which is so finely tuned to predation and survival which has so impressed humans resulting in them awarding the cat with this accolade.

I haven’t referred to the domestic cat’s jaw muscles! Many cat owners will have felt the effects of them. I certainly have. Domestic cats have a healthy bite force. The important point is that this strong bite is focused on the tip of their canine teeth (the upper canines) which bear down on their prey with great precision and force. It is the reason why domestic cats can thrust those canine teeth into the spine of prey to kill them instantly and regrettably, sometimes, into the hands of their cat owners where they penetrate right to the bone.

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