Infographic on domestic longhaired cats

This is a very compressed look at domestic longhaired cats in the form of an infographic. I hope it helps and entertains. It is free to use under Creative Commons: ATTRIBUTION-NODERIVS CC BY-ND license. All I ask you to do, if you do use it, is to give me a credit and link back to this page or the home page. Below the infographic there are some more pages on longhaired cats covering different topics.

Longhaired cats Infographic
Longhaired cats Infographic prepared by MikeB at PoC. Click on the image for a bigger version.
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The deceptive floof

Deceptive floof (longhaired cat)

"Deceptive floof" is an amusing and nice way describe the longhaired cat with a slender body underneath. You get some ...
Feral cat colony. All short-haired cats

Long-haired cats are rarely seen in feral colonies

Is it true that long-haired cats are rarely seen in feral colonies in the US? Dr John Bradshaw writing in ...
Feeding a feral cat colony

Long-haired feral cats are rarely seen in feral colonies

Why is it that we rarely see long-haired feral cats in feral cat colonies? Or have I missed something? I'll ...
York Chocolate

Kiki – He found us and we took him in

By Maria This is the very first picture of Kiki relaxing on our deck. He’s around 6 months old, his ...
Colonel Meow has died

Colonel Meow has died

Colonel Meow, one of the most famous internet cats in the world, died January 29 after a brief illness. He ...
bonnie a rescued pedigree persian breeding cat

Persian cat “Bonnie”: Rescued from a cat breeder

By Pat Kingsnorth - Ark on the Edge - animal sanctuary One June morning in 2000 I was rung by the ...
World's hairiest feline Colonel Meow a Himalayan cat

World’s Hairiest Feline (longest fur)

Ann Marie Avey owns the world's hairiest cat, Colonel Meow. He lives in Los Angeles, USA. Apparently, "hairiest cat" in ...
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