Infographic on points of interest about cats’ paws

Well, I love cats’ paws. As I say in the infographic they are deadly and delightful. They are soft and gentle when at rest but deadly when the cat wants to use their claws because it happens so fast and the claws are so damned sharp as they are sharpened all the time by sloughing off the outer sheath. Domestic cats don’t like their human caregiver fiddling with their claws. Mine certainly doesn’t. He sometimes retracts them when and if I gently place my finger or hand on his forepaws. I think this is a defensive response. He wants them free and ready for action πŸ˜’πŸ˜ƒ.

Points of interest about cats' paws
Points of interest about cats’ paws in an infographic prepared by MikeB. Due to its limited size this cannot include all the information there is on the cats’ claws!
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Claws and teeth are effective weapons when combined with lighting reflexes and powerful, fast twitch muscles. It depends how you see claws. I see beauty in anatomy but I have a lot for respect for them for obvious reasons. Many millions of Americans fear cats’ claws which is why they have them removed surgically in an operation that mutilates the entire paw as it is a partial amputation not a ‘declawing’ as such. God I hate declawing. It is so brutally unfair on the cat and so unnecessary. It is born out of fear. Far better to tackle that fear and learn to avoid the claw. Enough on that topic as it probably irritates some people.

As you know, cats mark territory in various ways one of which is to scratch trees and other vertical objects to leave scrap marks and scent on the object from the interdigital glands of the paws.

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