Infographic on roundworm transmission, cure and prevention

“Roundworms (Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara cati) are the most common intestinal parasite of cats, with an estimated prevalence of 25% to 75%, and often higher in kittens” – Cornell. That says it all. Very common disease in young cats particularly on my understanding and endoparasites can be fatal in young, vulnerable kittens. Indoor/outdoor cats, particularly males and domesticated feral cats will probably need a close eye to prevent a roundworm infestation. I deworm my cat fairly regularly. You can buy deworming pills online. I am not entirely confident in buying cat medication online. You don’t really know where it comes from and whether it is to the required standard. It is probably wise to consult with your local veterinary clinic. You can’t be safe enough when it comes to companion animal health in my view.

Here is a basic infographic which I hope covers the salient points of roundworm transmission, cure and prevention.

Roundworm the most common in domestic cats
Roundworm the most common endoparasite in domestic cats. Infographic prepared by MikeB at PoC. Click it for a larger version.
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I won’t add any more words as the whole point of this post is to present the infographic and keep things succinct.

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