Infographic on ‘strange cat behavior’

Here is an infographic on strange cat behaviour. Due to its size, it is limited to six forms of strange behaviour. There are more. You can read about more about cat behaviour in general and ‘strange behaviour’ by clicking on the links below. The important point to get across on this topic is that strange cat behaviour is entirely normal and reasonable from the cat’s perspective. There is nothing strange about it. Feline behaviour is no longer strange when you understand cats and a good way to start on that journey is to study the behaviour of the domestic cat’s wild cat ancestor and figure out how they would react under similar circumstances i.e., living in the human environment which sometimes brings into their lives unusual experiences to which they adapt.

Infographic on 'strange cat behaviour'
Infographic on ‘strange cat behaviour’. Prepared by MikeB. Click on the image to see it larger.
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There are thousands of articles on this website on cat behaviour. I hope you enjoy reading some of them. There is one very long page on cat behaviour. It is very comprehensive. And another on understanding cat behaviour. Links to both are below:

Below are some more articles on ‘strange cat behaviour‘ which is not strange at all ???.

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