Infographic on the rusty-spotted cat

The size of this article is as diminutive as the size of this cat 😎; the smallest of the wild cat species. Reason? All I want to say is in the infographic which is meant to show people a quick snapshot on this popular cat species. I sense that a not insignificant number of people think that they might like to adopt a rusty-spotted cat as a pet which would be, in my opinion, disastrous. They look cute but are ill-suited to that task and there is both a moral and conservation dimension both of which are barriers to keeping this cat as a pet to which you have to add the legal barriers. You will find that in most US states and in most countries a permit will be required and that permit will be monitored by the local authority.

But why try and have a rusty-spotted cat as a pet? They’ve got to come from a zoo or from the wild. And zoo animals ultimately come from the wild unless they are bred in captivity. Often small wild cat species are too unhappy and stressed to breed. I have said enough. Please pop down to your local rescue center to adopt a domestic cat. You will be much happier.

Infographic on 7 facts on the rusty-spotted cat'
Infographic on 7 facts on the rusty-spotted cat’ by MikeB
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