Infographic on toxoplasmosis and its zoonotic ability

Here are some notes on toxoplasmosis in an infographic. I have to be very selective on what to include and omit due to limited space. I have focused on the zoonotic nature of the disease and pregnancy as these are the areas of greatest concern. You can read a lot more by scrolling down the page and clicking on the available links. Toxoplasmosis is a hotly debated topic between cat lovers and cat haters! It is a topic which crystallises these divergent passions. There was a time when cat haters promoted online the belief that Toxoplasma gondii causes madness in people, specifically schizophrenia. That bounced around the internet for a while and then went quiet.

There are some scientific reports on this on Google Scholar by the way. One scientist, E Fuller Torrey, concludes: “..given the fact that there appears to be a correlation between the rise of cats and the rise of psychosis [in the USA], is it likely that the correlation represents causation?….I believe the answer is yes, it is plausible.” One point of view. He is guessing. And he is probably a cat hater 😒. Perhaps the rise in psychosis in the USA is due to rampant drug taking such as fentanyl. That seems more plausible to me.

Toxoplasmosis in cats and people
Toxoplasmosis in cats and people. The infographic is by MikeB and it is free to use under a Creative Commons: ATTRIBUTION-NODERIVS CC BY-ND license. Click on the infographic. Click on the present image to enlarge it. Right click it and select ‘save as’.
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It is a great shame that the domestic, stray and feral cat is the primary vector (host) of the disease. It is just bad luck as it interferes with the human-to-cat relationship. It is a potential barrier as are: claws, teeth, the feline allergen Fel D1 and the fact that the domestic cat is a top and highly accomplished predator 💔. Despite those potential negatives the domestic cat is massively popular across the globe. A testament to its attractiveness both in appearance and personality.

Below are some more articles on Toxoplasma gondii.

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