Infographic on URIs in domestic cats

This is a short, very compact infographic on URIs in cats which are better described as the ‘feline viral respiratory disease complex’. The goal is to provide a quick snapshot of this very common cat health problem which plagues stray and feral cats and for them it can frequently lead to blindness through the development of a secondary bacterial infection which ravages the eyes. The only way for a vet to deal with that is the removal of the eyes.

There is said to be a real problem in some catteries, and rescue centres are acutely aware of the dangers of bringing the infection into a facility where it would spread rapidly. Infectious diseases, some more serious that others can lead to mass euthanasia in shelters if things go badly wrong.


URIs in cats in an infographic

URIs in cats in an infographic. Deliberately compact. The topic is obviously much bigger than portrayed in the infographic. Prepared by MikeB. Click it for a bigger version.

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