Infographic on US state of Virginia poised to ban cat declawing (the third state)

Virginia poised to ban declawing Nov 19, 2022
Virginia poised to ban declawing Nov 19, 2022. Infographic by MikeB.
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To anyone who cares anything about animal welfare this is great news. Great credit must be given to the politician who is introducing the proposed legislation (see infographic). The declawing of cats, for non-therapeutic reasons, in America and to a lesser extent in Canada is one of the world’s greatest examples of violence against animals, in all of the planet’s history. Millions of kittens have been brutally injured. It is horrendous and the world’s greatest veterinarian/author, Dr Bruce Fogle, bravely describes it as ‘barbaric’ in one of his many excellent books.

Other British veterinarians keep quiet about it to their shame. If vets keep quiet about it, they are unwittingly supporting it. They are accomplices to the crime and believe me it is a crime in over 30 countries. It is just that America is out of step with the world. But they are gradually catching up. In the meantime, millions of kittens continue to be brutally injured, and it is legal. The exact same operation would be entirely illegal (criminal) if it was carried out for non-therapeutic purposes (99.9% are) in other countries.

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This is the woman who is proposing the Virginia ban:

Gwendolyn W. "Wendy" Gooditis
Gwendolyn W. “Wendy” Gooditis. Image: Project.

Update: this attempt by the Virginia legislature to ban declawing in the state failed. But as at March 2024 they are debating it again as reported by the Virginia Mercury.

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