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Information About Grumpy Cat — 13 Comments

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  2. Michael thanks for this excellent research and posting it for all of us cat owners and aficionado’s. I personally don’t feel that “Grumpy Cat” is exploited by her human owners akin to race horse “American Pharaoh” not being exploited by his owners.”Grumpy Cat” has become a world wide money making machine and a celebrity simply because of his birth defects and “Cat luck”. If his human owner Tabatha Bundesen had discarded him at birth as do most breeders for defective cats then the World would have not ever have heard of a certain “GRUMPY CAT”. Luck played a crucial role in “Grumpy Cat’s” discovery by the Media and the rest is “Cat History”.Owner Tabatha Bundesen deserves all the credit and profits from “Grumpy Cats” earnings akin to a race-horse owner profiting from the winning of his race-horse.”Some animals are more equal”!

    • I guess Tabatha is the luckiest cat owner in the world if making money is the most important thing. She certainly managed well in making money out of her cat.

    • I’m glad Grumpy’s still with us too, Kevin. Colonel Meow died in November 2013. Je looked sinister but he was a big old fluffball who cried whenever he tossed up a hairball.

  3. Michael, I knew most of these things about Ms. Tardar Sauce. I even knew about her owner(s), and Pokey. I figured with her fame, that she had agents, lawyers and accountants, but never knew the names of those people — that doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t feel she is exploited. I feel that she is properly taken care of, and is one pampered baby!! Tardar Sauce and Pokey do seem like very laid back cats — who would make excellent traveling anipals. They are both very beautiful “kids” and I’m sure the owners are dreading the day those “kids” cross RB. But as you mentioned, the “brand* name is here to stay, and Tardar and Pokey will be around for generations to come. May our good Lord bless the entire family with good health and continued fortune. **I do get her yearly wall calendar every year.** ♥♥♥ PS. Thanks for the lovely post about her and her brother!! ♥♥♥

    • I am glad that I added at least a little bit of extra information. It’s quite nice to get some insights into this cat’s life. I don’t think most people will know as much as you know about Grumpy Cat.

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