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Here is some, possibly, interesting information about Grumpy Cat as at today’s date which is early November 2015. Grumpy Cat is the world’s best known cat, domestic or wild. Grumpy Cat is a moggy (random bred cat) and she is a dwarf cat with a resemblance to a Snowshoe Cat.

Grumpy Cat and Tabatha
Grumpy Cat and Tabatha
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Grumpy Cat was born in the spring of 2012. She has a brother whose name is Pokey. He is one year and nine months older than her. She has two sisters whose names are Soy Sauce and Ketchup.

Grumpy Cat is a three-year-old moggy from Arizona. She has brilliant blue eyes and a permanently down-turned mouth because of a skeletal malformation. This gives her a permanent state of cuteness. Her real name is Tardar Source. I guess you know that.

She was born and grew up in the home of a waitress whose name is Tabatha Bundesen. Tabatha lived and continues to live in Morristown, despite Grumpy Cat’s fame, which is a small place in the cacti-strewn plains of central Arizona, USA.

Grumpy Cat was born Tabatha’s home and one day Tabatha’s brother Bryan came to visit. Bryan was a maintenance technician for a cable company, Time Warner. Bryan is 36-years-of-age. He has cropped brown hair. Sometimes, on public appearances, he wears a T-shirt with an image of Grumpy Cat on it and on one occasion it stated “This is my happy face”. Bryan is Tabatha’s business partner in promoting and making money from Grumpy Cat.

He took a picture of Tabatha’s cat and uploaded it to Reddit. People thought it was a photoshopped version of an ordinary cat. Bryan then posted a video of Grumpy Cat on YouTube and people went nuts. That is the start of her fame.

Tabatha and Brian enlisted the help of an agent named Ben Lashes. Ben is a talented person and a manager of Internet memes. At the time the well-known name “Grumpy Cat” had not been invented but soon after enlisting Ben, Tardar Sauce had been renamed and she had become a celebrity with a book deal, a brand of coffee called Grumppucino and a contract to represent the pet food producer Friskies.

Grumpy Cat’s lawyer is a man whose name is Kia Karman. He’s the guy who writes the global licensing contracts. He suggested that Grumpy Cat’s frown was worth $1 million. Today he says that it is worth a lot more than that.

Grumpy Cat has around 100 licences in 2015. These licences relate to clothing, keychains, playing cards, magnets, wall hangings and postcards. One million calendars have been sold featuring Grumpy Cat. Commercials have been done for Cheerios and McDonald’s. She has featured in a film.

It is estimated that Grumpy Cat’s net worth is $100 million. However her owners keep quiet about that sort of stuff and there is no evidence to suggest that she is worth that figure.

However, it suggested that both Tabatha and her brother Bryan are multimillionaires as a consequence of exploiting Grumpy Cat’s appearance.

Grumpy Cat’s first two published books were fixtures on the New York Times bestseller list for a combined total of 11 weeks. The third book is called Grumpy Cat: No-It-All. The contents of this new book consists of a series of photographs of a baby, a board meeting, a picnic and a rainbow onto which the cat has been superimposed and she says “No” to everything.

In a photo shoot the photographer said:

“I had more time with Donald Trump than I did with the cat”.

The photographer said that this famous cat is “low-energy”. April Whitney is the cat’s literary publicist. Does Grumpy Cat have a ghost writer? Well of course: she has an editor and her owners, a team who can decipher her opinions!

With respect to Grumpy Cat meeting the public, she is transported in a bag with windows on the sides made of translucent pink netting. She is accompanied by an entourage and on one occasion this consisted of six people.

During public appearances, people are currently not allowed to touch the cat.

“You can lean in and get your photo… We don’t let a bunch of people hold her.” (Bryan, the owner’s brother) – early photos show her being held extensively by the public in photo sessions.

Tabatha worked at a local branch of the Red Lobster restaurant chain at the time of Grumpy Cat’s birth. She quit her job about a year after her cat gained fame. The same can be said about her brother in that he also resigned his job at a similar time. He said that he used to give up his holiday time and sick leave in order to travel with Grumpy Cat to appointments. This went on until it became too difficult and when enough money was coming in from promoting Grumpy Cat.

Both Tabatha and Bryan feel as if they’re simply working for a company and that the company is in the business of promoting and exploiting a cat. They are in the entourage but the star is Grumpy Cat. They get VIP access wherever they go.

Grumpy Cat has, on occasion, acted as a therapy cat and assisted people with cancer. There are a couple of people who have attributed their success in beating cancer to Grumpy Cat.

Some people, in the celebrity cat community, have suggested that Grumpy Cat is being overworked by his managers. It has been suggested that they say yes to everything. However, Bryan says that they limit their cat’s work to one or two trips a month. In addition, Tabatha says that Grumpy Cat likes to travel. When she is travelling she gets one-to-one attention all the time, which enjoys.

This famous cat, as mentioned above, is a low-energy cat and she sleeps a lot. Bryan hints that she sleeps 17 hours a day and she sleeps through many of her appearances. This has prompted the suggestion that she is being sedated but it is not true. Her owner says that she is the calmest cat you’ll ever meet.

Nobody will discuss Grumpy Cat’s earnings. Perhaps this is to avoid allegations that they are exploiting their cat.

When Tabatha was asked whether she has bought a new house with the proceeds of the millions of dollars gained from promoting and using her cat as a moneymaking machine, she says that she still lives in the same house and as for Bryan he lives in a smaller house now than before.

Grumpy Cat is almost certainly insured but her owners don’t like to talk about that: “we don’t like to publicise insurance topics because it would spike interest in…”

This most famous cat is never out of the sight of her owners. This is to avoid somebody stealing her as she is very valuable and a fantastic moneymaking asset. She is never out of the sight of someone in her entourage.

Grumpy Cat likes string, ribbons and boxes. If there is a box in the place she will use it, says Bryan. She prefers being stroked to being tickled.

Her owners do not wish to talk about the time when Grumpy will inevitably die. This wonderful moneymaking asset has a limited lifespan and it may be shorter than the average domestic cat lifespan because of her condition. Her lawyer says “when she goes, we’re going to be very sad… But personal appearances are less than 5% of what we do”.

What he’s saying is that Grumpy Cat is a brand now and that the brand will live on and outlast the lifespan of this cute cat. She will go on making money for the owners of the brand for years to come, perhaps decades to come, well beyond the moment that Grumpy Cat goes over the Rainbow Bridge. Grumpy will be in Madame Tussauds for decades to come.

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  1. Michael thanks for this excellent research and posting it for all of us cat owners and aficionado’s. I personally don’t feel that “Grumpy Cat” is exploited by her human owners akin to race horse “American Pharaoh” not being exploited by his owners.”Grumpy Cat” has become a world wide money making machine and a celebrity simply because of his birth defects and “Cat luck”. If his human owner Tabatha Bundesen had discarded him at birth as do most breeders for defective cats then the World would have not ever have heard of a certain “GRUMPY CAT”. Luck played a crucial role in “Grumpy Cat’s” discovery by the Media and the rest is “Cat History”.Owner Tabatha Bundesen deserves all the credit and profits from “Grumpy Cats” earnings akin to a race-horse owner profiting from the winning of his race-horse.”Some animals are more equal”!

    • I guess Tabatha is the luckiest cat owner in the world if making money is the most important thing. She certainly managed well in making money out of her cat.

    • I’m glad Grumpy’s still with us too, Kevin. Colonel Meow died in November 2013. Je looked sinister but he was a big old fluffball who cried whenever he tossed up a hairball.

  2. Michael, I knew most of these things about Ms. Tardar Sauce. I even knew about her owner(s), and Pokey. I figured with her fame, that she had agents, lawyers and accountants, but never knew the names of those people — that doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t feel she is exploited. I feel that she is properly taken care of, and is one pampered baby!! Tardar Sauce and Pokey do seem like very laid back cats — who would make excellent traveling anipals. They are both very beautiful “kids” and I’m sure the owners are dreading the day those “kids” cross RB. But as you mentioned, the “brand* name is here to stay, and Tardar and Pokey will be around for generations to come. May our good Lord bless the entire family with good health and continued fortune. **I do get her yearly wall calendar every year.** ♥♥♥ PS. Thanks for the lovely post about her and her brother!! ♥♥♥

    • I am glad that I added at least a little bit of extra information. It’s quite nice to get some insights into this cat’s life. I don’t think most people will know as much as you know about Grumpy Cat.


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