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Information on Animal Rescue Following a Natural Disaster — 25 Comments

    • You have got a lot of followers who have an equal interest in rescue and there are a lot of people who are interested in cat and dog rescue in the USA, which is an excellent thing. I’m always very impressed by the people, usually women, who commit themselves to animal rescue work.

  1. Thanks for all you are doing Elisa I have been following your articles ! I have been doing disasters and pets for 12 yrs . After Katrina things got much better but we always can improve the organizing of the animal part .I am on my way down to help and will sign up to do what ever they need in the animal world down there .I volunteered in 2011 in Conway and spend 2 weeks helping animals .I made many dear friends . It is very hard to explain to people that have never been in the disaster plans why they cant help when things like this happen . I watched many animals move state to state after Katrina and my heart hurts ! You are doing a great job getting the info out there Thank you from OHIO

    • Hi Tammy. Thanks for popping by. We love disaster specialists 😉 If you have a special experience and want to make it a story just leave a long comment and I’ll convert it to an article.

      • I’m still doing cats. Things have died down a bit today. I’m no longer in panic writing mode to get them all covered. Wish Mississippi would get a bit more organized with more information. The street where the animal was lost does make a difference.

  2. I’m running into some issues. The latest one is people being upset their info is used in the missing/found articles. They paste their name and phone number all over Facebook. The articles are shared with very few, usually around 40 people, and is taken down once the pet is reunited.

    Now people are getting upset to see their name and phone number, which is already pasted all over Facebook. I’m thinking of just posting

    “oh gee, this pet is missing or found but the owner or the finder doesn’t want their name used, or any way for anyone to contact them. Good luck with the telepathy on reuniting with no information.”

    That’s how it feels. How can pets be reunited when no information is giving? But again, there are already people arguing who will get possession of animals left without a home. I’ve done close to 80 articles in 3 days and am seriously about ready to just give up.

    • You are so amazing Elisa.
      Please don’t give up over human frailties.
      I’m sure the majority don’t care about their info being splashed everywhere. We wouldn’t.
      Sorry. But, it’s my feeling that the ones who want to be anonymous, should stay anonymous and let someone else love their pet. IDIOTS!
      I so admire what you are doing.
      It’s so hard, and you have to be exhausted.
      You will be so rewarded down the road.

    • I can’t believe people are moaning. How can you reunite without contact details? A lot of women are terrified of giving out personal details. For a man it is hard to get into the head of a woman 😉

      • It will never cease to amaze me the people who post stuff on Facebook with the message “don’t tell anyone.” Not quite the same as doing rescue, but it’s amazing. I’ve got a close group of friends in a special group, and no longer put as much under “public.”

        Some of the rescue websites are even getting yelled at for people sharing the posts that people put up. You’d think this would be a no brainer. If it’s on Facebook then people are going to see, share, and hopefully help.

        • it seems that some people treat Facebook as a private place and forget that it is a highly public website design for sharing. It can become quite intimate and perhaps people are so familiar with Facebook that they forget it is a public place seen by billions of people.

      • well i for one dont mind giving out details as how else are people going to get your details. Esp if its a beloved pet. Even if its just a cell number or something. Is it just some people overseas. Id give all details possible esp if my animals were missing and i needed to find them.

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