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  1. Time for me to sleep. I know I’ll have a handful of cats needing medical articles waiting for me when I get up. Probably a few dog ones as well. Have a nice day Jamie and behave yourself.

  2. Jamie, just wanted to let you know I’m not playing go chase yourself hunting your cat abuse pages. I’m on a Facebook thread that sends them to me. So I’m not part of the game to bring you down. I have far more important things to do, such as write articles to help cats, dogs and sick children to play the game you’re playing to upset everyone. In the past 20 years I’ve been shot at, chased with a knife, chased with a rake and been strangled while driving. So there’s very little that can be done to upset me.

    Besides, Facebook won’t be the end of you. My guess is the Center for Exploited Children will be the ones to end your game, once you’re found, of course. Enjoy yourself while you can. It’s such a shame that with your intelligence, you don’t have a better plan to leave your mark on this world other than creating events showing cats (and now dogs) in such horrible photos.

  3. The reason some of the links no longer work is because the pages keep getting taken down and new ones put up. They’re there at the time we place them in the comments. Sometimes they come back after they disappear.

  4. I say…let Interpol & FBI track this little shit. Using unauthorized pics for things that could be illegal. A big NO NO!!! Promoting child porn, animal abuse, false & misleading images, libel….and whatever other charges they wish to add. Let’s see if the freaks like prison!!!! They like different types of abuse so much?! They get LOTS happening to them.

    • Elisa, did you see that he works at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. This is the world’s most famous rescue center possibly. Why is his avatar of Ricky Gervais shouting ‘punch cats”. Shouldn’t we contact the rescue center?

      Cardy cat hater

      The rescue center is not that far from where I live.

  5. This Jamie Cardy douche bag, has something like 100 face book pages apparently. He takes people’s names & photos of say an animal advocate….puts them on one of his pages. Says that they are the admin to the page…and sits back and laughs while some poor person…ends up getting death threats from people…or just comments that say horrible things about them. This scum bag gets his jollies!!! And he also has a couple of friends helping him If you check my face book page ..I had a post dated Feb 16th about one. A buddy of mine…actually has photos of his 2 dirt bag friends who help him. Have to track that one down. I could give you my buddy’s name of facebook. He knows more about this Jamie Card clown.

    • “Jamie Card” has been a festering thorn in the internet’s site for 4 years or so now – I’m amazed he’s not yet been brought to boot. He and his Cage 10 cronies do more than create offensive pages on FB, with the end goal of victimising and humiliating outraged users (and not just animal abuse-related ones). They also infiltrate buy/sell FB groups the world over, and then post obscene or offensive images, to the same end. I’m sure some of the images they steal have intellectual property ramifications, from a legal perspective; I’ve identified one and have notified the commercial organisation concerned.

  6. I saw a horrible one with a man who calls himself CAPTAIN NASTY PANTS for a Valentine Cat ASS Fist F…King celebration! I was so appalled that these people even breath air. People who harm children and animals are the most dangerous people in the world. It shows they have no compassion at all for defenseless feeling beings!

  7. The dark humor could be inciting people to commit animal abuse. That might not be a crime. If incited people to hurt other people that would be a crime.

    To promote cat fisting or punching is an incitement to commit a crime. I don’t know if it is itself a crime to incite others to commit a crime under animal welfare law. It should be.

    These FB pages certainly are on the borders of criminality, in my book. The police should at least investigate these people to check if they are engaged in animal and cat abuse/cruelty.

  8. Thank you Michael for adding the links so people won’t have to copy and paste into their browser. I didn’t want to put too much work on you when I submitted the article.

    • It is a good but disturbing article. Facebook is generally good, I believe, but like humanity – and all of humanity is on Facebook – there is a bad side to it. FB admin don’t do anywhere near enough to manage it. Perhaps they have created a monster website that is too large to manage. Perhaps it will drown in its own putrid matter one day.

  9. I also want to mention NOT to attack the people whose names are beside the individual photos, as it’s not known whether they’re the ones posting them or whether their Facebook accounts were hacked.

    To engage in any discussion on these pages will leave you open to being hacked. From what I’ve read Jamie is a good hacker. The best thing to do is take screenshots and report to organizations outside of Facebook.

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