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Facebook’s ‘dark humor’ pages sometimes cross the line to criminality but Facebook is reluctant to remove them. Animal abuse is a worldwide problem and one that most organizations recognize as being unacceptable. So why is it that Facebook, the most popular social media website in history, doesn’t do more to keep pages and groups that promote animal cruelty off Facebook? What can we all do to help that won’t “feed” the perverted people who start these pages that Facebook euphemistically considers “Dark Humor?”

FB Dark Humor
FB Dark Humor
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The most important portion of this article may come in the comments, so please check back often. Animal advocates are quickly blocked from the Facebook event pages, and this article can also serve as a central hub for comments on the subject of Facebook allowing animal cruelty photos and the exploitation of children.

This article is aimed at an individual named Jamie Card(y) (see screenshot above), who is the creator of the recent Facebook cat fisting event pages. There have been several pages created by Jamie, who is said to reside in London, over the past several months, and the ones he didn’t create, he’s an active member. Facebook: Mastering the Art of Cat Cooking is an example [link – this link is now defunct as at 21st Oct 2016].

The Problem – crossing the line from dark humor to criminality

It’s difficult to write this article, as it will draw attention to these sickos, who particularly enjoy posting photos showing cat abuse. An article will most likely alert other perverted individuals that these pages exist. Still the problem needs to be addressed. I’ve read it’s a bad idea to engage these individuals on the Facebook pages. Not only does it appear to please them, but it has also resulted in retaliation by people who administer and like the pages.

FB Dark Humor
FB Dark Humor

This brings us to the subject matter of the pages. Not only are cat photos shown, there are photos posted where young girls are described as “sex kittens,” with one photo asking if anyone wanted to f**k the child. I’ve included that photo as an example of what’s posted on these pages. The face has been obscured for privacy. Most likely these photos were stolen from a Facebook album of someone who apposed one of these despicable pages.

I’m currently following a Facebook thread that tells the story of a photo posted of a young girl on the Cat Fisting event page set for Valentine’s Day. To get the photo removed, the mother of the child had to apologize for remarks made to Jamie before the photo would be removed. I’ve made a short video featuring some of the photos posted on the most recent Cat-Fisting Event page (removed at the moment). You must click this link, as I have the slideshow age protected, meaning you have to sign into YouTube stating you are at least 18 years old to view it.

Not only is Jamie Card(y) posting these events, he’s also adding others as additional hosts without their permission. According to a February 16 report by Mirror, an animal lover named Jasmine received more than 1,000 death threats after false accusations were made by this troll. Jamie posted her pictures on this controversial page, allowing crazed cat fans to mock her appearance and insult her. Jasmine has since started fighting back with a Facebook page called “Valentine’s Day Cat Hugging”.

Facebook’s Acceptance

While these pages have enraged animal lovers, with thousands of complaints made to Facebook, the social media site has done less than they should have to timely remove the pages and prevent more from being set up. Those who contacted Facebook were told the photos didn’t violate Facebook policies. The posts are considered “dark humor,” but don’t violate Facebook standards or the law. Apparently after enough people complain something is finally done. Taming Jamie has been a struggle, as Facebook says he’s been banned, but soon sets up another false account and begins again. Most hackers use the Tor Network and they can pick a different IP address each time they log on that isn’t theirs.

When Jamie was asked why he created these pages, his reply was “Cat lovers always respond with threats of violence.”

The photo in the beginning of the YouTube slideshow featuring event creator Captain Naughty Pants may be yet another stolen photo. Whether Michael Paul Mathis IS Jamie Card(y), I couldn’t swear to it. The individual photos in the video feature abuse that has been posted over time on the internet, and don’t necessarily mean the person posting has injured an animal. They may have stolen the photo elsewhere and were expressing their own “dark humor.”

There are countless instances of groups, individuals and pages on Facebook who revel in and promote animal abuse in many forms and there is no option available to report them to Facebook for what they are. In the sources section following this article you’ll find links to report objectionable Facebook activity to someone outside of Facebook. I find it difficult to believe Facebook wouldn’t immediately ban a photo of a child being offered as a sex slave.

Content like this should be reported to Facebook for investigation, exclusion and if necessary referral to law enforcement agencies, but reported as what? Harmful behaviour? graphic violence? Content such as this needs to be recognised and dealt with by Facebook for what it is; Animal Abuse. We shouldn’t give these groups attention on their pages, as it encourages them, but to ignore it doesn’t make it go away. There are many crazies out there who get sick ideas from seeing these pages, but we need to report them, and the reporting needs to be done to someone other than Facebook.

Those who file need to be absolutely certain the agency they’re reporting an issue to is legit. There are trolls and abusers out there who set up fake reporting sites. This enables them to obtain what’s considered personal information, and it’s dangerous to put your name, address and phone number into the wrong hands. While we’re at it, be careful of any photos you post on Facebook, as this is how many photos end up being captioned and used on the perverted websites.

Places to Report “Dark Humor” that is Animal Abuse

Listed below are links you can use to report. While you’re at it, check out Jamie’s blog here. Please feel free to add additional ones under the comment section. Just copy and past the link into your browser. If you have additional information to add, or have been harassed by members of these cat hater groups, please do so in the comments.

  1. Center for Missing & Exploited Children [link]
  2. Tell Facebook we want an animal abuse option when reporting unacceptable content [link]
  3. Prosecute London Troll Who Creates Pages On Facebook About Mistreating Cats And Destroying Them! [link – to come hopefully] 
  4. Article on how to report to Interpol [link]
  6. File a complaint through the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) [link]
  7. Remove the cat cooking page from FB, and Interpol: please find and prosecute the creators!!! [link]

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