Inky Dink Part 2

by Judy Hartman
(N. Miami, FL usa)

Thank you so much for posting my story and offering the funding it would take to take her to the vet and to get her groomed. She is skittish and we hope no one harmed but my husband and I think that is that this may account for her fearfulness..

See part one of the Inky Dink Story

She is slowly checking out the house and that’s a big step for her. We think Inky is female as her face and profile is very sweet and feminine. She has finally let me feed her and pet her too. But she loves my husband to pieces and I can see why.

He is a wonderful special person and even though we just celebrated out 20th anniversary I am still in love with him.

So we are slowly getting her accustomed to the good life. I think she is older than we originally thought, maybe 8 to 10 yrs We always respect pets and other animals with dignity and don’t force them to do what we want.

When she finally accepts us we will take care of her. She is a sweetie and soooo beautiful with this hugely fluffy tail. I have never seen this type of tail in my life. I do have a paypal acct so I will let you know when we finally get her to the vet.

It may take some time because she is so afraid of everything right now. We would not stuff her in a cat box just yet. We just want her to be happy and trust us. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift to ascertain that she is healthy and to treat her for any worms or fleas.

Judy Hartman

Hi Judy… thanks for coming back and updating us.

I is lovely to see that you are still in love with your man. I like that bit.

And as to PoC (this site) paying for the vet’s bills (to $300), it is my pleasure. I like it when the funding can be directed to the heart of the matter as it makes it more effective.

I will watch out for Part 3, the journey to the veterinarian…

Michael Avatar

Inky Dink Part 3

Hi again, I’m Inky’s Mom. I finally got a vet that has a van and treats animal needs. They examined her and she had some worms and they think the reason for her limp is arthritis.

He thinks she 6 or 7 yrs old I need to take you up on the vet cost because I had no idea it would be so much. The bill came to $348.18 and thats alot of money in my book I do have a paypal acct and my email is

Thank you so much and now she is an inside cat for her protection. The vets are Smiling pets mobile veterinary.

Judy Hartman

Hi Judy.. thanks for the update which I put here rather than a separate page.

I have just sent $300 by Paypal as promised (8th May 2010 at 05:44 GMT). Please tell me when you receive it. Good luck to the family.

Michael Avatar

Inky Dink Part 2 to Tiffany cat

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Inky Dink Part 2

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May 08, 2010
Inky Dink
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Judy. Thank you for taking care of this poor cat in a patient and loving way. Cats adopted from poor beginnings often turn out to be kings and queens of our hearts. 🙂

And Michael, thank you for helping this fairytale come true.

Finn Frode avatar

May 05, 2010
To Michael
by: Dorothy

You are the best ever. I can’t wait to hear more about Inky and hopefully see a picture. Don’t be fooled by the sweet innocent face! She could be a sweet boy! My little homeless kitty turned out to be a darling boy. Now, he’s the king of the house.


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