‘Innocence’ is the reason why cats and cat lovers are charming

I’m going to argue that people who like cats and people who live with cats have an element of innocence about them which is an attractive quality. And the reason why domestic cats are attractive is, in part, because of their innocence. There is a definite connection here.


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Let’s make sure that we understand what the word “innocence” means. It can be misused. I’m not referring to innocence as reflecting ignorance or a lack of knowledge i.e. naivety – a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement. An innocent person is not necessarily a naive person.

I’m referring to the word in its true meaning, namely, a lack of guile or corruption: purity. It’s about purity of thought. Thought divested of human emotional baggage accrued over many years.

It takes a lot of good qualities and effort to live life up to middle age and beyond while maintaining an innocence of thought. It means the person has been able to retain a mindset that originates in their childhood. It’s a great quality because it means you can look at the world in a much clearer and cleaner manner. You can be wiser.

Once you take on the baggage of life’s experiences your thoughts can become distorted, biased, angry and stereotypical. If you maintain an innocence of thought you are far more likely to be objective, clearheaded, insightful and enlightened.

People who like cats, like their innocence (and many other things about them). What you see is what you get with a domestic cat companion. When it comes to our relationship with them they are guileless. They are natural. They don’t play games and don’t try and manipulate you (well, maybe slightly, sometimes!).

It is that innocent approach to life which is so attractive to humans because people have to deal with so much rubbish coming at them from other people in their relationships with them or with respect to the workplace and in politics.

Interacting with the domestic cat is a pastime which has a purity about it which strips away the emotional baggage of life at least at that moment which is one reason why it is beneficial to people and to their cats.

Maintain an innocent approach to life and keep the mind fresh.

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