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Insects and Snakes Poisonous to Cats (USA) — 4 Comments

  1. I’m so glad I live in England where we don’t have all those dangerous creatures, but I suppose if I’d been born in America I’d have accepted it and the need to keep cats safely indoors.

  2. An abundance of snakes here in Florida. All that you mention, ie. rattler (ground and otherwise), cottommouth mocassin, coral, and copperhead.
    Spiders are an issue. We have scorpions, black widows, and the brown recluse.
    I can’t forget the fireants, big and venomous.

    Fortunately, neither I nor any of the cats I’ve dealt with have been injured by any of these that I know of.
    I had a dog (then, an older puppy) that rooted around in an ant bed and required emergency treatment.

    It’s just a matter of caution living here.
    I learned very young to always shake out shoes before putting on, never just reach into a dresser drawer without looking, etc.

    • The abundance of snakes, insects etc. that can hurt cats is one other very big differences between the UK and the USA. In the USA, there are other wild species such as the coyote that prey on the domestic cat and can hurt the cat. Once again this is very different to the UK. In the UK we pretty well never think about our cat being preyed upon or hurt by another animal except the dog (domestic dog) very rarely or the human. This creates a different attitude towards our cats and how we care for them and supervise them. When I read about the dangers to outside cat in America I appreciate the differences.

      • I think this is why I don’t crash down real hard on people who have strictly indoor cats. It’s not that they don’t love them; it’s because they worry about their safety. I understand, completely, because I stay a nervous wreck keeping my colonies safe. The woods and brush are alive with dangers. Happily, though, ferals are much more saavy than domesticated when it comes to avoiding harm. As I’ve said before, I trust them to the extent that, if they go on the run, I know to run too!
        Predators like the coyote, coon and even owl are in the USA. I really didn’t know about how fierce the owls could be until DW enlightened me.
        I feel strongly that cats should be cats, enjoying the outdoors, even free roaming at times; but, it’s very risky here.

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