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Insensitive Sarah Palin Invokes Discussion about Respect for Animals — 5 Comments

  1. I don’t like Palin,but let’s be real. I see all those “cute”videos all over the web where little children are climbing all over the dog,riding the dog like a pony,etc.and everyone thinks it so cute.Not to mention when Ellen Degeneres posted the picture of a little girl using a dog as a step stool to brush her teeth,everyone thought it was just too cute.Differing weights and measures? So,it only matters when someone people don’t like does it? Pretty bias.In most videos,and the Palin/Ellen pictures the animals do not appear to be in pain or objecting.I never let my children do this kind of stuff.They were taught these are living breathing beings and should be handled gently and with love.However,some dogs like to rough house with their people and vice versa.If the animal is happy and unharmed,is it really cruelty?I think each “case” needs to be looked at individually.PETA thinks riding horses is cruel. They think companion animals are a form of slavery.PETA has too many skeletons in their closet to point fingers.And did anyone consider the bond the dog probably has with the child?Mutual love and respect?What about the Dorito commercial where the child is riding the dog?Yes,some is doctored up,but where he sits on the dog is real. A favorite commercial of so many.If an adult stood on the dog that would be a different story.I think her comment was in bad taste and she left herself wide open for negativity.I think politics played a bigger part in the critcism than any real concern by the majority.Sometimes the choice belongs to the animal not us.http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3243077/posts?page=56

  2. Sarah Palin has come under a lot of fire over that photo and has made public apologies.
    I admit that I don’t care for this Republican, or any for that matter; but, I believe that she had a real episode of bad judgment that hurt her public image even more than it already was. She has quite a reputation as being an avid hunter. I’m grateful that the dog wasn’t harmed.

    • Perhaps someone should pass on the wise words of Abraham Lincoln to Ms. Palin “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

      • Sadly, Sarah Palin will never be silent.
        It’s disgusting to watch her videos of hunting.
        She says that she kills to feed her family. What a joke. She’s wealthy.
        I feel for her son, as he has Down’s, but; what woman in her mid forties would not think about that pregnancy possibility? The boy can’t be blamed for standing on the dog. It’s MOM, MOM, MOM!
        She’s just dumb, dumb, dumb in my book.

  3. The photo is bad enough, but her comment “stumbling block” just takes the biscuit!

    What a stupid, ignorant waste of air space Sarah Palin is.

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