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Inside Fur ‘N Feather Farm Before It Went Horribly Wrong — 3 Comments

  1. I read the updated story prior to reading this one. Judging by the slide show here, the place doesn’t look bad, except there’s an obvious lack of enrichment for the cats, plus there are areas that needed sprucing up. I’d be interested in how this story ends.

  2. Your opinion of her mission statement is at odds with the general tenor of the article. Her goals are the same as all other sanctuaries.

    Hollow? Nope, but I do not know how to address this concern.

    • Thanks Anne. Her mission statement looks ‘hollow’ meaning inaccurate based on what has reportedly transpired. But we don’t know for sure what has transpired. There are two different points being made but I’ll re-read what I wrote and amend it if needs must.

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