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Installing this cat flap was an epic fail — 6 Comments

  1. Slightly off subject, my cat loves playing with a fishing rod type toy, when she wants to play she goes and gets it in her mouth and drops it beside me, then she stands up and smacks me with her paw, I have never had a cat do that before, after so much effort on her part she always gets me to play with her.

  2. Michael_I deduct from the video ” Cat Flap Epic Failure ” that cats are very smart. At least from this cats point of view. If the door remained locked and it was raining outside, then this clip might tell a different scenario_and quickly too.


  3. Michael, I agree with your assessment about it being set-up, otherwise surely he’d have locked the door? It is a nice little video though, so I don’t mind.

    Smart and beautiful cat. No wonder the owner is rightly proud of him/her.

    On the subject of cats teaching themselves to open doors, Charley has confirmed my suspicions that he’s not very bright. The other evening I saw him pushing with both front paws on a an inward-opening door when he wanted to leave the room. He looked puzzled when the door closed and hadn’t seemed to understand that he should have used his paw to pull the door towards him to widen the gap.

  4. It’s important to work with a cat to get them used to a cat flap, and it should be big enough to accommodate their body.

    I have seen some cat videos that show big cats getting stuck in small cat doors, but that’s probably their only option to get in or out.

  5. Great and very funny video. It does support though that cats aren’t like most (or any) other animal – they will always employ the tried and true method of operation they are familiar with. They are curious, but pragmatic AND lazy (or should I say calorie hoarders). If the door was locked and you showed the cat the cat flat as a way in, she would consider using it, but it does look like the smallest cat flap available (and obviously the only size that would fit that door), so I’d understand some reticence on her part to try it. That’s a big cat.

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