Instinct Canned and Dry

Instinct Canned and Dry

by Mary

Kadiz Jerah at 14 months

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Kadiz Jerah at 14 months

I had been feeding Evo dry along with Instinct canned to my hybrid cats. The Instinct is the ONLY canned/grain free cat food my guys/gals will touch... they love the rabbit and duck, especially.

Now that Instinct has come up with a grain free dry, as well, we have switched to this for our dry food of choice. My babies get one can per day of the wet and free choice dry the rest of the time.

Because of the exceptional nutrition they not only eat less, but they poop less too! This actually saves us quite a bit of money in the long run.

We switched our domestics to the same feed schedule as our hybrids and our one obese boy began to loose weight, gradually. He is now almost 'normal' size and this is with no withholding of food, whatsoever.

We are very pleased with the Instinct (as we were with the Evo). The chicken is more affordable, but of course, our cats have to like the rabbit and duck formulas!

LOL... Still, it winds up being very cost effective with the lower portions consumed and "recycled" 😉


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Instinct Canned and Dry

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Dec 31, 2009 For Kathy
by: Mary H

Hi Kathy,

I wouldn't worry too much about your SV being small at this stage. I've heard many breeders talk about the smallest of their litters reaching the largest sizes... with the breed being so new, it's almost impossible to guess adult size until they reach it. The weight will not match the way they look as they are long, thin and leggy! My F3B guy is 16 months and he is still very actively growing. We have a F5C marble male who we got as a very young kitten... he had seemed quite small to me, though I'd never had one so young as him before. He is just five months now and for the last month he's hit growth spurt after growth spurt... it's crazy how fast they can shoot up 😉 ~I'd love to see pictures of your new baby & I'm sure everyone else would too! Did you make a page???? For better or worse, we've let our Savannahs sleep with us at night. Even with a Cal King bed, they only want to lay around my legs! LOL... I don't have the heart to move them, so I'm trapped all night long. Guess I should be thankful that they have adapted to our 'bed time' so well! (We have four that live with us downstairs & that's a lot of cat)!

Dec 30, 2009 my experience
by: kathy

The breeder that I bought my Savannah kitten from recommended that I give her the Evo canned and he even gave me a couple of cans for her. Well It just sat in her dish and got old. I tried giving it to my Bengal mix and he sniffed it like wondering what I was trying to give him. I tried the Instinct dry cat food and they liked it but Its too hard to find in my area of Illinois. For canned I just give them the old stand by Fancy Feast and they split a small can three times a day with the Fancy Feast appetizer for lunch. I have the best results for dry with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Brand. I also offer them the new Diamond Natural for Active cats. It is 40 percent protein so its good for all life stages and its corn free. My main concern with the Savannah is just that she eats. I lost a Bengal kitten one time because I wasnt paying that much attention as to whether or not she was eating ( big mistake on my part) I wont make that mistake again. The Savannah kitten is eating the Blue Spa with no problem. She also is growing. I was worried about that because she seemed so small when I got her. She was about 13 weeks old and very small for her age. I understand that the Savannahs take a long time to mature. She has boundless energy and eats just fine. I offer the Diamond free choice to my 2 other cats. I also offer them a bowl of the Wilderness free choice which I have to fill about every 2 days. The Savannah is locked up at night in her cage and also for a while during the day so I can monitor her food intake. I am happy with the Diamond and the Blue Spa brands. As far as the canned goes, its not their main diet. One of my other cats is a Bengal mix who was very overweight when I got him back after about 5 years. He was being fed Friskies Dry cat food. He now has lost that big fat belly and is very muscular. The little kitty also is finally putting on some muscle. If I find the Instinct anywhere I would gladly give it a try. What I did try were some sample bags from the local feed store.

Dec 20, 2009 Very Helpful
by: Michael

Mary thanks for passing on your experiences. I found your post helpful and useful. I'll look into it.

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