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Instructions on how to create feral cat homes from unused coolers

The video explains it. What I like about it is that something which might be thrown out is reused in a humane way to improve the welfare of feral cats for whom we are responsible because we put them there. And it is particularly elegant to turn an object that keeps human objects cold into a product that keeps cats warm.

Making coolers into cat homes. These are screenshots made into a montage and words added.

The video is described as:

“A Utah man’s passion project is gaining popularity, turning old coolers into warm, insulated spaces for feral cats to take refuge this winter.”

East Idaho quote the man, Philip Rogich who thought of the idea:

“Normally the cooler keeps things cold. We’re going to use it to keep animals warm..I actually have a 6-inch drill bit and then once you drill the hole you just use some pipe insulation to pad it..Everybody’s got a cooler in their garage that they’re not using..I use three-quarter-inch pipe insulation..And then on the inside you just use straw.”

This is another way to recycle unused household products. There are others: I remember writing about washing machines being used as street cat homes and Elisa wrote about old tires being used for the same purpose but they are toxic. Tires are toxic to us too (read this).

The winter is tough for feral cats quite obviously. It is nice to do something for them. It is actually more than nice. You could argue that it is our duty unless you are a bird lover or an Australian.


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