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Intelligent cat picture
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The knowing eyes of this Scottish Fold cat made me look twice. I don’t think this cat is purebred. He is called “Scharma”. I think he is male.

What do you think? I see a person behind these eyes. He really is looking and you can feel that he is thinking. Or is it me anthropomorphizing a domestic cat?

Us humans can tend to do that. He has this enormous ruff as well. Scottish Folds don’t have ruffs like this. And in a strict “cat-breed-standard” sense his ears are not that great for a Scottish Fold.

But his brain is great as far as I can tell.

Scottish Folds are not necessarily known as intelligent cats. That honour goes to the Sphynx or the skinny cats as I call them; the cats of the Siamese cat stable: Siamese, Oriental Shorthair, Javanese, Balinese, Havana Brown and the Bengal, a wildcat hybrid.

The Scottish Fold is a mutated moggie! From Scotland many years ago. A lot of people won’t agree that individual cats can be smarter than other cats. A lot people just bundle all cats together as the same. This is not true.

I have seen stupid cats and smart cats. The stupidest cat I have seen was an overbred Burmese that my mother kept. Inbreeding can make a cat stupid, you know! And the smartest cat I have met was a Sphynx at a cat show. He climbed all over the inside of his cage like a monkey and had toes like fingers. He reached through the cage bars and grabbed his human companion as if to say, “get me out of here!”. I love the face on this cat. It is the wise face of a senior person who has seen and done it. It is an intelligent cat picture by photographer

Barb Crawford on Flickr.

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