Intelligent Male Wildcat Hybrid

Intelligent Male Wildcat Hybrid

by Janet
(Klamath County)

My cat is so loving he kneads my neck and slurps for 5 minutes at a time.

He loves to be free though and watches intently while I lock and unlock the door to the RV.

I have to really discourage him by throwing water as he has learned the two locks and how they are used.

He stands there working at them and has actually pulled one out enough to make a visible difference though not a working difference. He has come close to turning the wing lock enough to escape if that were the only one. He climbs the screen on the top half of the screen door (as he has totally dismantled the rest of the screen door), and uses his back feet on the door latch to push down and open it.

I leave him and two other cats inside while I work and now am concerned that he will let everyone out or that he will lock the bottom lock by turning the other way and I have no key to that lock!

He is about 2 years old now.

If I can get a video of him trying this and can submit it later I will.


Hi Janet…. thanks for visiting and sharing. Please make a video and share that too! You can embed them in this form – just use a new form.

Your story squares up with my own experience and knowledge of wildcat hybrids. They are probably the smartest cats because wild cats are smarter than domestic cats so the inherited genetics boost intelligence.

I sense real concern from you about him escaping. But what he needs or demands probably is more space and stimulation. And that is not a criticism.

The long term answer is to find alternative proactive methods that satisfy your cat to the point where he does not feel a need to try and unlock the door.

I’ll leave you to decide what is best.

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