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  1. I find these easily on the web without trying much.I just forward to Michael because I know he doesn’t have time! And after all, this is Pictures-Of-Cats, so the more the merry! Lots of folks share their pictures publicly and I assume they are for sharing.

    Maybe the collar on that small beautiful cat was like that from getting a nice petting from the soldier before he drank. That small gesture did as much for the soldier as it did the kitten. It is too horrific to think about these innocent creatures as victims of war. When will it end?


  2. Gosh, I just looked again and it looks like the kitten in the very sad B&W war photo is wearing a collar. It’s hard to tell but it looks like it.

    • Yes, I saw that too. It is a loose collar in the wrong position (too high). Why hasn’t it slid downwards? It seems that the soldier is giving water from his canteen.

  3. The cat on the mountaintop picture I believe could be in Switzerland. I spent a good part of 3 years living in the Himalayas in India and it is very unusual to find cows fenced in over there, as can be seen in the background (possibly). Furthermore the steepness of the mountains and closeness of the opposing slopes suggest the Alps. Also the size of the trees. Along with the fact that the building looks typivcal of a swiss barn/toolshed for farmers. An old one! Also there is a big plastic gutter. Albeit that the houses in the Himalayas are similar (infact all mountain people seem to live pretty similarly if you go back in time just a short ways) –
    I don’t remember such a building with a big plastic gutter like that so far up a moountain on such a style of building. Of course this is very rough, and there are many other mountain ranges which it could be including the Andes, where I have only been once for a short time. It could very well be there too.

  4. Now this is just brilliant! I’ll look around and see if I can find some of the domestic cats of the world pix I’ve found over the years. There is one from a woman in Taiwan who’s cat-blog I followed for years. It’s of a cat in front of a McDonald’s in RUSSIA! lol She took has a whole series of them from her work related travels all over Asia. I’ll look for a link and share it. Got my nephews now. Got to keep it short.

    I’ll ask my friend’s in South America about pix like this they may know of. BTW: Chile is also the home of one of my all time favorite cats, the Kodkod. The female’s are quite small, just under a kilo (around 2 lbs.)! They are quite adorable. The holy grail of naturalists (in South America at least) is a photo/film of a Kodkod nest with mum and kittens. Love the Andean Mtn Cats. Look like little bear cats.

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