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Internet as we know it is under threat — 3 Comments

  1. The answer is here already. First of all, current computers addess 2^32 or 4,294,967,296 memory locations. This is called a x86 bit system. The industry is moving to a x64 bit system. This is 2^64 or 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 memory locations. The increase to server technology will increase as well. Companies will rent time (now available hourly) from server farms that are upgraded and they simply need to upgrade their computers to the x64 bit system. And, surprise, Google’s first x64 bit browser and Android tablet device were announced yesterday. They are a bit behind the curve. All of our machines are x64 bit and the last two came that way factory. No special order required.

    The answer to the IP Address problem is adding a second set of numbers, thus increasing the number expotentially. This is just a way of getting people to pay for their internet. A hystery type of thing. The tech is there. In fact, we are several generations ahead of todays actually tech in use. The probelm is money. It will work itself out. The cats are safe for now.

  2. Ofcourse internet accessibility and speed will be tiered at some point. Isn’t that true for everything that has any meaning?
    It will come to pass because it is impossible to get even any 3 people to join together and stand against it. Most rely on others to write letters, attend assemblies, and protests.
    Can anyone here remember, if at all, the last time they wrote a letter to an official, attended a public forum, carried a sign, participated in a sit-in, got hauled off to jail?
    I can.

    • Agreed. That is why business, banks and the capitalists run the world. May be we have to have tiered internet but I think it will alter business for the worse from the point of view of the consumer.

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