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Internet commenters should be required to disclose real name — 9 Comments

  1. If they hate Michael and hate cats so much seems to me they spend an awful lot of time on something they hate so much. Ne thinks the trolls doth protest too much. Obviously they have nothing positive going on in their lives to spend all that energy on, too much time on their hands and enjoy causing misery to others since they are so miserable and have nothing else to do. If they were not so despicable and vile I would feel sorry for them.

    • Thanks. They are a miserable, sad and despicable lot. I can’t totally censor them because the site would only be visited by people with the same views and be one dimensional. It would also be against freedom of speech. Although I have made the rules tough for trolls.

  2. Interestingly I have never had to change my name to post here Micheal and we don’t always agree on everything.

  3. And I say ‘sod off’ to you as well. You’re simply a hypocrite. If you recall, I started off posting under my real name. Even posted my photo one. Both are still here, and in nearly every other forum I post, I still do so under my real name.

    The reason I stopped posting in here is because you BANNED all posts under my name. Reply in the unlikely event you have the guts.

    • I am not a hypocrite. You though are a nasty person who likes to kill peoples’ pets. Revert to your real name or be banned.

  4. And all website owners should be legally required to follow the laws of the USA that REQUIRE freedom of speech. Something tells me that your dictator rules and insecurities won’t allow that. (But then, you already know what a magnanimously HUGE hypocrite that you are. As does everyone else today.)

    • Against my good sense I allow trolls on this site. Trolls who advocate criminal behavior and who insult me. So I do allow free speech but since I am constantly insulted I have decided that the trolls need to do what I do: use their real name. Try and be more objective and sensible please.

    • That’s a good one. When you are using an internet provider you can contact them about harassment. AOL before it became a joke was quite apt and banning ISP addresses no matter what name someone tried to pop in. I got one extremely nasty troll banned for 6 months by making a formal complaint.
      You may have freedom of speech but if come to someone’s house, website and act like a brutal hostile threatening nasty troll they can toss you. You do indeed have the freedom of speech as well as the right to deal with the consequences.

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