Interspecies Love: Cat and LLama

Many people are surprised when they see a cat in a close relationship with another animal; in this case a llama. It does look unusual. Yet it should not look unusual and it is to be expected, really, if we remind ourselves that something as profound and as universal as the domestication of the cat is based on interspecies love – human and cat. All social animals (and I include humans) have the same basic emotions and desires. The domestic cat is essentially a social animals nowadays after 10,000 years of domestication.

The llama is Sparkle and the cat is Rosie. They live on a 14 acre farm in Pennsylvania.

I think humans should put aside their tribal and cultural prejudices and accept that there is no reason why animals of different species cannot get on well provided there is no physical barrier and provided one species does not like eating the other – i.e. predator and prey!

Sometimes there are friendships – perhaps temporary – between predators and prey.

There are quite a few pages on PoC regarding interspecies friendships.

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