Introducing a unique 2-in-1 bio-toilet-portability Igloo.

Introducing a unique 2-in-1 bio-toilet-portability Igloo.

by Ridolina
(Russia, Moscow)

2-in-1 bio-toilet-portability Igloo

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2-in-1 bio-toilet-portability Igloo

I am introducing a unique 2-in-1 bio-toilet-portability Igloo. Igloo is a combined bio-toilet and cat carrier. It looks good in any home.

It is available in three colors - blue, pink and gray.

The package includes five clean disposable trays, inserts and four replacement carbon filters to protect your house from the smell.


The Igloo was designed by a cat lover, a student of School of Arts of St. Martin, Naomi Walton. She decided to unite in one product both carrier and toilet for cats. The priorities in development were hygiene and easy of use.

Igloo is provided with disposable trays for the easy cleaning of the toilet. You just throw out the old and replace them with new ones.

Igloo can be used for vet visits or for trips to the country when you want to save space and money and make the experience more manageable.

Health and Hygiene

The Igloo is particularly suitable for pregnant women with a cat companion. There is a fear of toxoplasmosis infection that might harm the baby (somewhat exaggerated, however). Toxoplasmosis is a disease transmitted by cat feces. It is most likey to infect people with weakened immune systems, including the elderly. Thanks to the disposable trays, Igloo allows the owner to remove the dirty cat filler in one motion, avoiding contact with cat feces and urine. You just throw away the dirty pan and replace it with a new one.

This clever combined system is a breakthrough in the design of accessories for cats!

Read and see more. You can use Google translate as the page is in Russian.

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Introducing a unique 2-in-1 bio-toilet-portability Igloo.

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Nov 28, 2011
For travel
by: Michael

I could see this being very useful when travelling to for example a vet or a journey in a car. When I brought my three-legged cat down to my place from my mother's home he was no nervous he defecated in the carrier. That shows you how useful this product would have been under those circumstances.

I think though it would be a little extravagant financially to change disposable trays rather than scooping out used litter. In the long term this is probably a bit too wasteful for the average cat caretaker.

Nov 28, 2011
This toilet is very convenient for travel
by: Galina

This toilet is very convenient for travel, as well as for those cat owners who have little time.

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