Introducing… ABBY the Maine Coon mix

Introducing… ABBY the Maine Coon mix

by Gail
(Boston, USA)

Posing for 1 second....

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Posing for 1 second....

Abby came home this past Saturday. She is enormous - quite different than seeing her in the cage at the shelter. Her paperwork (dated Sept 2010) says she's 12-lbs./13-ozs. but I doubt it. She's got to be at least 14-15-lbs. easy!

She doesn't like to be held for any length of time, but boy oh boy, does she love to be fussed over. She's quite the character too. Especially cute is when she stands on her hind legs (like a meerkat) to look out the window. Due to her size, she cannot quite jump up to the windows to look out - she tries, I've got to give her that. She simply stands on her hind legs; something I read is inherent in the breed. It's really amazing to see.

She's pretty vocal. Her breed may chirp, and Abby does, but when she wants attention, she'll give out this massive MEOW! Trust me, it gets your attention, LOL! She's pretty low-key, yet very clownish. I've been trying to snap photos of her, but she's so fast, the pix come out in a blur. This photo was taken with a cell camera, but I will try to get some digital shots to post.

Although this photo doesn't quite show it, Abby has big tufts of fur protruding from her paws, like the classic Coon as well as her ears. Her fur is exceptionally soft, very long and her tail is as bushy as some of the pix I've seen on this site.

Abby has decided that she likes to run and play, so that's what we do when I get home from work. My brother also visits during the day to play with her. With her appetite for play (chase with humans, climbing, hide-and-seek, chasing toys and short bursts of energy zooming through the house) and a carefully monitored feeding program from the vet, Abby will be in fine shape in no time! She is truly a joy and I cherish our time together.


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Introducing... ABBY the Maine Coon mix

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Dec 06, 2010 1st Vet Visit
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Abby's 1st vet visit went swimmingly! The vet absolutely adores her and vice-versa...with the exception of the thermometer in her butt, LOL! Can't say as I blame her. She hissed and growled at the probing, but not once did she swipe or even attempt at escape. Nice. She has also lost a bit of weight; her diet is spot on and she only needs to lose another 1/4-pound to be fit as a fiddle!

We figured out why her last caretaker named her Mumma Kitty. Quite surprising, one day, her call to me sounded like "mumma, mumma" - it was so cute! She makes that sound when she wants love attention - cuddles, brushing, sitting/lying next to me on the bed watching TV. She's so spoiled, I leave Animal Planet on TV while at work. She watches it too!

Oct 16, 2010 Maine Coon face
by: Leah (England)

Hi Gail! She's a sweetie! she really has a Maine Coon face doesn't she?

I have a Maine Coon and like Abby he has such an extensive vocabulary! So many trills, chirrups, mmmm's. He lies on my lap and puts his head right back to look at me. I say 'love you Ozzie' and he says mmmmm. Its just as if he answers me! We have many conversations like that!

You are blessed and I know you'll have many fun conversational years togeather. Enjoy!

Oct 15, 2010 shes great
by: kathy

It sounds like your having a great time with your new addition. We too are having fun getting to know our new addition, Mariel the 8 Pawed cat. Shes still trying to fit in. Its hard for her when everyone wants to get to know her and shes frieghtened. Shes made friends with one cat and Im sure shell come around to the others eventually. No one knows what shes been through living outside. She may have been picked on by other cats because shes very small.

Oct 13, 2010 To Maggie
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Maggie, I forgot to add to the last post, when the weather warms up again in the spring, I'll try the leash with Abby. For now, since it's too cold out anyway and since she's still getting used to being free to roam around a home vs. a cage in a shelter, a leash is moot.

I imagine by the time the seasons change, Abby (hopefully) will have shed some excess weight so we can properly consider a leash; however, even if that never happens, that's OK. Whatever Abby wants to do is fine with me. I gotta feeling she'll want to, since she hates being out of my sight for any length of time. Even in the morning, if she doesn't see me within a few minutes, she starts with a low trill, then a pitiful mew as she searches to find me. All I've gotta do is call out her name and she comes running full-tilt like a dog. After fussing her up for a few moments, she trots off to do her thing. It's really very funny and heart-warming at the same time.

Oct 13, 2010 ABBY - funny girl
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Life sure is interesting around our house lately.

Michael, I laughed out loud when I read about your foray into sh** with Charlie! Too funny, because I was just wondering about the very same thing with Abby! In the shelter, she was sort of 'regular' but since she's been home with me, the 1st couple of days, no sh**! I was beginning to become concerned, then suddenly - WHOOSH! She decided the soft cedar chips in the huge litter tray in the bathroom was a fine change from the hard recycled paper pellets used at the shelter in their litter trays. Guess she wanted to make sure her luck was for real, LOL! No problem now :->)) BTW - the vids of Charlie were wonderful. Abby sits just like that, only she's quite a bit more robust than Charlie, bless her. As big as she is, yesterday she finally tried jumping up to a table to look out the window and she finally made it. Of course, the 1st couple tries, her front paws were splayed out as if she was on ice. On the 3rd time, she did it without issue - then promptly feeling proud of herself, commenced to washing her face and paws before looking out at the birds flying to the window next to the one she was looking out - it has an air conditioner in it and sometimes the birds fly to it just to roost for awhile. It drives cats crazy.

Ann, Squeaker is such a cute name and very fitting. It seems both our kids are gentle giants with cattitude.

Maggie, I never even thought of 'Aby' as in Abyssinian. I really named her Abigail, but I know animals are more responsive to 2 syllables, so her name became Abby. Abigail means (Hebrew): Source of Joy and the shortened version Abby means: Father's joy. Both seemed apt. Since my name is taken from the name Abigail, I figured 'why not?' So now we are known as 'Abby - Gail' ... yeah, I know, cheeky, tee-hee!

Abby has discovered the stray tux out back, the one I call Buddy. Yesterday morning, I was running a bit late getting the food out. Abby came running to me in a panic, pawing my hand whilst in her meerkat stance. When I asked "What's the matter, Abby?" she ran to the kitchen door and sat in front of it. When I looked out, sure enough - there was Buddy waiting for breakfast! How's that for being unselfish?

Oct 13, 2010 blessed are you
by: darlene burrow

your pet cat is so beautiful!! you are so lucky to have her!i know you and your cat will be very happy together the best of luck to you and your cat best wishes

Oct 13, 2010 Abby
by: Ruth

Hi Gail, what a beautiful cat Abby is. I loved seeing her photo,she looks such a character !

I'm sure you are going to have some really happy times together.


Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Oct 13, 2010 Abby
by: Maggie

Hi Gail,

Firstly, I love the new name! Abby suits the little girlie beautifully, and it's a lot like 'Aby' which is the short way of saying 'Abyssinian'. =)

She's a beautiful little girl, and I know she's going to have a wonderful life with you. Will she be on the leash like Sadie?

Oct 13, 2010 Squeaker
by: Ann - from VA

I enjoyed reading about Abby. I have had Squeaker for 5 years now. I adopted her when my short hair calico passed away. I went to the adoption center and thought she was a long hair calico. Never heard of Maine Coons. We named her squeaker because of her trill. She got furrier and bigger and I finally decided to look up cat breeds. I don't think she is pure bred but she is my baby girl. She is not a gentle giant though. Just has a giant attitude.

Oct 13, 2010 Hi Gail
by: Michael

Abby looks gorgeous. It makes me want to have a Maine Coon as a cat companion. And her character seems Maine Coonish too!

I know what you mean about a cat in the meerkat position as you might know that my three legged cat, Charlie, does the same thing. He holds it for up to 30 seconds.

Aby must have a strong back to do that. Abby is lucky to have you.

Thanks for sharing, Gail.

Michael Avatar

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