Introducing Saxon and Star Maine Coon Kittens

Introducing Saxon and Star Maine Coon Kittens

by Marion Jackson
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Maine Coon Kittens - Star (left) and Saxon.

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Maine Coon Kittens - Star (left) and Saxon.

After having Dexy, a beautiful, loving and gentle Shaded Silver Chinchilla, who sadly passed away one week before her 19th birthday, we decided to introduce two Maine Coon kittens into our life...

...and life will never be the same!

We got the kittens from the same breeder, but different litters, when they were 12 weeks old (they were born two days apart). We've had them for 11 weeks.

Saxon is a blue with cream boy and Star is a brown tabby female.

Upon arriving at our house for the first time Saxon settled in within half an hour. Tail up, checking the place out, and was the epitome of confident! Star, on the other hand, was a little bit shy, but that didn't stop her being extremely playful and very inquisitive.

My partner and I fell immediately in love with Saxon. He is a real charmer and as the weeks went by it was hard not to love him even more. His antics constantly make us laugh and swoon. He is a real smooch, very regal looking, loves everybody and is a bit of a goof ball. We've had a loving relationship with Saxon right from the day he moved in, and the feeling is mutual.

Star was always reserved and would disappear if people came to the house. Most people didn't even realise we had two kittens. She would wiggle and squirm if you picked her up and would often be found sleeping in a dark corner somewhere, all by herself. I hate to admit it, but after the first month my partner and I actually discussed returning Star to the breeder. She simply wasn't what we were looking for in a cat and she didn't seem to comply with everything we had read about the Maine Coon breed. Needless to say, we were a bit disappointed.

Star is an exquisite looking cat and very pretty. She always looks like she's smiling. She loves to play for hours by herself. A very independent little girl. Of course, my partner and I didn't have the heart to return her, after all, she wasn't a 'bad' cat, just different to what we expected, so we decided to accept her for what she was and kept her.

Just two weeks ago, Star began to change. And what a change! Literally over the last two weeks she has turned into a fabulous, friendly, firty little cat! Full of energy and fun! She has started following me around the house and has invented a 'special' meow for me when she can't find me! If I hear her doing her 'double meow', I just have to call her name once and she comes running! She also has this crazy tail - it's like it's too heavy and she can't hold it up properly! The vet's checked it and there's nothing wrong with it, but it give her extra character because it's always flopping in crazy directions! Star is an absolute delight and a real little angel. Oh my God! I can't believe we ever considered returning her to the breeder! Star just took a little longer to settle in and now that she has she is huge competition for Saxon in the smooching stakes!

At 23 weeks old, Saxon weighs exactly 4kg (8.8lb). He is very tall, like a gangly teenager. Hence, he is quite clumsy - it's like he's still getting used to his body and his limbs. We gave him the name, Saxon, because we knew he would be a big cat one day and need a 'big' name. He has a cute white stripe on his nose, white gloves on his front feet, and white boots on his back legs. Star is not far behind, at 3.8kg (8.4lb). She is a lot shorter than Saxon and is nicely in proportion. Her name came about because I decided that Dexy was the brightest star in the sky. Star has gorgeous classic brown tabby 'butterfly' markings. She is a beautiful looking cat.

Saxon and Star are soooo completely different to each other and they are each totally fantastic in their own way. My partner and I feel like we've hit the jackpot as we have two unbelievably fabulous, outgoing personalities living with us. They adore each other (the breeder put them together as soon as she knew we would take them both) and we adore them. We couldn't imagine life without either of them.

So far, we have only spent 11 weeks with these two young 'hooligans' and I get tingles when I think of all the years we still have ahead of us. I can't wait to see how big they get and I'm looking forward to watching their personalities develop even more as we all get to know each other better. We are very blessed to have found two such wonderful animals.

If Dexy could be here too, life would be perfect.

Hi Marion: Love your story and these cats. Particularly the way you accepted Star for what she is and received the reward....Michael.

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Introducing Saxon and Star Maine Coon Kittens

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Feb 02, 2010 Update - Feb 2010
by: Marion


Saxon and Star are now almost 16 months old and they weigh 6.5kg each! Even though both cats weigh the same, Saxon looks so much bigger than Star. He is a whole head taller than her when they sit side by side. He is tall and slim with very long legs, whereas she has shorter legs and is a bit rounder in the body.

Saxon is totally magnificent - a very tall, very handsome boy with an extremely gentle personality. He has a fabulous and long bushy tail, which reaches the ground when he sits on a chair! He has big, soft, spongy paws and purrs like a lawnmower! Such a smoochy, loving boy. He is still extremley comical and never fails to make us laugh. He comes inside covered in sticky leaves (from lying under a favourite bush outside) and falls over on the lounge floor while you pick all of the leaves out of his fur - this happens a least two or three times a day. He is such a delightful character and extremley 'regal' in his looks.

Star is an absolute delight. She's very sociable and always hanging around where the people are. She hates being picked up or brushed. She is sooo flirty, cute and very pretty. She is unbelieveably fast. She just loves to play and play - with anything that moves... or doesn't move! She will often sit at the bottom of the stairs and shout loudly until you appear to see what all the noise is all about. Her big round eyes say it all... so you throw a super-bounce-ball down the stairs and she races after it, jumping high to catch it as it bounces up and down! Oh, and yes, Star still rings the bell when it's dinner time (even when I forget to encourage her!)

We are truely blessed to be living with two such beautiful creatures. =^.^= =^.^=

May 21, 2009 Saxon & Star - Update!
by: Marion

Hello again!

Just wanted to let you all know that Saxon & Star are now 30 weeks old. Saxon weighs 5.1kg and Star is 4.5kg! Saxon, especially, still has a lot of growing to do as he is a lanky, long-legged boy and still has plenty of filling out to do.

Ever since I first got the cats I would ring a little bell at dinner time and they learnt what it meant and both come running. Well, things have now changed. One day, while I was preparing their food, I noticed Star banging her foot on a lower shelf (the bell sits on an upper shelf). So I picked up the bell and she grabbed it with both paws! The bell now hangs off a bulldog clip, clipped to the shelf and when dinner is being prepared, Star will whack it with her paws to make it ring!

These cats are such a joy and constantly make us laugh. Getting two MC's was the BEST thing we've done in a long time!

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