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Iowa: Torture of cat is less of a crime than driving a vehicle while intoxicated? — 5 Comments

  1. Of course I am prohibited from even expressing directly my thoughts and feelings except to say that where the law and those appointed/employed to uphold it fail, may true Justice prevail; and may someone with nothing to lose, of whom there are many, take out the trash very quickly.

  2. My apologies for not staying entirely on-topic, but have there been any updates on the status of the victim of the horrific abuse — Fritz the kitten, who lost an eye and was left blind in his remaining eye? It sounds as if his owner, who was Nopoulos’ roommate, is facing his own legal troubles so may not be able to provide proper care for Fritz.

    • Rena, I’ll check that out today. At the moment I don’t know. You are right to ask about the victim. Often the victim’s future and status is overlooked.

  3. In the original story, the judge abdicated her responsibility to jail this worthless SOB because she wanted to allow this low life scum “to continue on his trajectory toward sobriety in the community.” Where pray is evidence Leo Nopoulos is on any trajectory other than a downward spiral that will result in the torture of more animals and eventually humans.

    • Yes, she wanted him to get better. But that did not stop her jailing him for the car offense. Perhaps the car offense has a mandatory sentence but I doubt it. She could have jailed him for the cat torture for 30 days to run concurrently with the other sentence or ideally chosen a longer sentence for the cat torture and sentenced him 30 days for the cat offense to run concurrently.

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