Ipswich, Australia cat is lucky to be alive after eating a ball of wool

An Ipswich, Australia cat is lucky to be alive after eating a ball of wool. This is a story I can’t get the whole scoop on because all of the sources I checked are only available with a media subscription.

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a depiction of a kitten with a ball of wool (Sandhole Vets)

I was able to gather enough information on Google to get an idea of what happened. The wool managed to stretch from the cat’s stomach to her lower intestine causing a number of cuts in the lining of her colon. I’m not sure of the amount the cat ingested. Even a few inches could cause an emergency situation.

It’s not uncommon for cats to get into things they shouldn’t. I’ve covered everything from Tide Pods to hanger straps on PoC. I even made a Pinterest board for easy access should you want to read up on cat dangers.

I’m not sure how much of the wool was ingested by the cat. It wouldn’t take much to cause a problem. I have read that if a cat owner sees a string being passed in the feces to not pull on it because it could cause tears to the intestinal lining.

Please don’t get on Facebook if this happens to your cat. Your cat needs a real veterinarian and you may not have a lot of time to wait around on Facebook friends who may or may not give you good advice on how to proceed. Bowel obstructions are nothing to play around with.

This article is short but it’s something we, as cat owners, should take notice of. Have any of the readers had a cat who got into something that appeared harmless but ended up causing a lot of damage? Your comments are welcome.

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