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  1. While some breeds are know for certain traits all cats pretty much come out of the same box.
    Most adoptions happen very quickly. I used to teach a horse ownership class. It was 100% geared to people contemplating ownership or making the jump from a barn lease to purchasing and taking the horse home.
    The excuse that dogs bark therefore you must bear it is pure nonsense. Many people teach their dogs to obey and don’t
    make everyone around them miserable. Unlike my often mentioned in-laws and SIL next door who are the poster children for bad pet neighbors. More and more people are taking negligent pet owners to civil court and winning judgments with documentation of either property destruction or noise pollution.
    I have 4 cats and they seem to form on and off best buddy cuddle mates and play mates. Cats are not as depicted solitary creatures but wonderfully social and affectionate.

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