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  2. A month ago I watched my 4 year old Bengal Maine Coon cross take almost an hour to die in agony of congestive heart failure because it was a Sunday evening and no vet would come. We’d been treating him for 3 months after he collapsed one day, despite looking very healthy and athletic. The scans showed his heart and liver were far too small as he’d been cramped in the womb so they didn’t grow as they should. It was a death sentence. The vet warned us that he’d got blood clots in his brain which could come free at any time. Eventually one did, and paralysed his front legs 3 hours before he died. He kept trying to stand up and couldn’t. He was crying in agony and we doped him with cocodamol to ease his pain. Then he died with bloody bubbles coming out of his nose and his heart banging so his whole body was racking.

    So no, I don’t agree with crossbreeds and nor did the heart consultant who carried out his scans – she said it was a bad mix and never went well.

    We couldn’t help our beloved boy. Don’t inflict a death sentence by cross breeding. Heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover this.

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  4. L’incrocio tra il Bengal ed il Maine Coon è possibile. La razza, chiamata Renegade, è in fase sperimentale.
    Una settimana fà è nata la mia cucciolata Renegade!
    Se conoscete qualcuno che ha fatto accoppiare Bengal x Maine Coon, scrivetemi. Voglio impegnarmi per superare la fase sperimentale e far sì che la razza sia accertata.
    Cordiali saluti!

  5. Il 14 ottobre 2018 è nata la nostra cucciolata di Renegade (Bengala x Maine Coon).
    Il padre è un Bengal brown spotted tabby. La madre è una Maine Coon silver tortie.
    I cuccioli hanno l’aspetto del Bengal. Vi terrò informati sulla loro crescita.
    Per le Associazioni Feline, la razza è in fase sperimentale. Possiamo collaborare tutti insieme per chiedere alle Associazioni Feline di accertare la razza. Siete d’accordo?

    Translation from the above Italian (by Google!):

    On October 14, 2018 was born our litter of Renegade (Bengal x Maine Coons).
    The father is a Bengal brown spotted tabby. The mother is a Maine silver tortie.
    Kittens have the appearance of the Bengal. I will keep you informed about their growth.
    For Feline associations, the breed is in experimental phase. We can all collaborate together to ask the Feline associations to ascertain the breed. Do you agree?

    • Hi many thanks for commenting. Could you upload some photos of the kittens?

      Grazie per il commento. Potresti caricare qualche foto dei gattini?

        • Ecco i piccoli Renegade a 1 mese di età! Sono molto attivi, affettuosi e…grandi. Alcuni dettagli sul loro sviluppo: il quinto-sesto giorno di vita hanno aperto gli occhi; dopo altri pochi giorni, udivano già; a 11 giorni uscivano dalla loro “casetta” per esplorare i dintorni; a 2 settimane si arrampicavano su dei cuscini ed erano interessati a dei giocattoli morbidi; dopo 3 settimane di vita correvano e si arrampicavano sul letto. Da pochi giorni hanno cominciato ad esplorare altri spazi dell’appartamento. Hanno assaggiato un po’ di cibo umido, ma non sono tanto interessati. Il cibo secco non lo vogliono ancora. E per adesso non hanno bisogno di lettiera. Sono molto socievoli, giocherelloni ed a volte…loquaci.

  6. My baby is turning 1 on Tuesday. I got him from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old and always just assumed he was your average grey tabby, but people who meet him keep asking me if he’s part maine coon or bengal. He’s not really that large though, but he loves to play and needs a lot of room when he is lol, loves fetch too. He loves to cuddle also, and follows me around like a dog. Anyone have any opinions? I was thinking maybe one parent may have been a maine coone-bengal mix and the other may have been a regular DSH? His fur is incredibly soft, not quite short-hair but not that long either, it’s really fluffy when you pet him and people say he feels like a rabbit or chinchilla.

    • Ho Shae. It is more likely that he is a mackerel tabby random bred cat. He is a super looking cat. That said it is guesswork as to whether he has some Bengal or Maine Coon in him. He belly spots are amazing and he has a genuine mackerel tabby coat. Of the 2 breeds – Bengal and Maine Coon – his face is much nearer the Bengal. But Bengals have fairly standard faces and heads. They are like random bred cats in terms of body conformation.

      Thanks for sharing Shae.

  7. Cooper, now 11 lbs at 10 months old, was born to a small domestic shorthaired white mother & unknown father. He has tabby stripes that break into some bengal-like spots on his back & sides, spotted belly, thick MC ruff, huge fluffy raccoon tail, and long triple coat soft as a rabbit. I’m wondering if his father was a Main Coon / Bengal mix.

    • Judging by your superb description it sounds like he has a bit of a pedigree! It would be hard to tell but there are quite a lot of Maine Coon mix cats. It is all possible. I think one can tell if there is some ‘breeding’ in a cat. They are a bit different (like Cooper). But I can’t say one way or the other. The only sure way is proper documentation, a real pedigree. A family tree. Thanks for sharing Ayya.

  8. I have a direct 1/2 Merle pattern black and gold Bengal with a pure Maine coon with similar coloring.. she is growing rapidly and waaay smarter than any cat I’ve owned and just wants to perch on your shoulders and watch everything you do around the house.. also they hunt everything..but are the best. She has medium length fluffy fur that feels like mink fur, she’s Merle patterned and I’m not sure what her under coat color is, but she had those large Maine coon ears with the fur on the tips and the M on her forehead and just had that adorable main coone face. And an amazing personality.

    • Another of LiLy whe she was a bit younger ,she has her whole belly covered in spots too, she loves water so this is her seeing a rain and thunder storm for the first time. She wanted to go out in it really bad lol

    • I have a bengal maine-coon cate. she has the “m” on her forehead and the arrow above. Her name is Cleopatra and she is only 4 months old. very active and very smart. Cleo is short haired though not bushy, but she has long legs and she looks very similar to the cate in the above picture. Cleo is very pretty.

  9. I have a 10month old 3/4 Bengal 1/4 Maine Coon mix. She is silver and spotted. She looks just like a Bengal. I really don’t see any MC in her. I’m getting a brown one just like her in 4 days because she really needs a playmate. She is just laying around like my 11 yr. old cat does😢 She is a cuddle bug though and loves her momma. In this picture she was fussing at me for getting out of bed. Lol.

    • Thanks a lot Christy for commenting and showing us your beautiful cat. I think this hybrid cat is quite rare so it is a great pleasure to see some nice photographs of your Maine Coon – Bengal mix. Thanks again.

  10. Hello it’s me Mishari again this is my cat she’s 8 months old now and she looks like a pure Bengal breed + she loves playing with water too !:)

    • Garfield is a very interesting looking cat. I can see more Bengal in him than Maine Coon. He has a fine coat. Impressive cat. Rare too. I would have there are very few Maine Coon/Bengal hybrids. Thanks for showing us Amanda.

  11. thanks Michael she is a gorgeous sweet kitten. she has lovely marking. looks like brown white tabby. hope she give you lots of joy

  12. I would love a lil brother for my 7 month old, Maine Coon Bengal(?) cross… Please give me info as to where in VA MD DC PA or NY I could find one. My guy was a shelter rescue & his siblings had already been adopted. Thanks!!

  13. called milo he is a big boy mainecoon x Bengal he is silver white tabby with bits of brown on his face every active . talks to you as well for his food and a fuss he is a lovly boy

  14. I have a Bengal/maine coon mix. He is absolutely gorgeous, sweet, and extremely high energy. He is incredibly great with children. I know both breeds can be 20-30 pounds each on average but for what he is he is small for that. He’s only 10 pounds or so. I am incredibly lucky to have him.

  15. Hello, I have a Maine coon x what I believe is a bengal. He has medium hair, tabby pattern but is one second as jumpy as a bengal and the other sleeping, belly-up on my bed. His belly has a beutiful spotted pattern and his ears look ALOT like a bengals. He also isn’t really a fan of children, nor other animals just like a bengal and does not like to be picked up or stroked ( only when he just woke up :P)

    • Thanks for visiting and sharing. I’d like to see a picture. Anyway, I am pleased you have a possible Maine Coon x Bengal cat. They are rare I am sure.

  16. Well, we have seen a Scottish Highland Tiger/Scottish Wild Cat on our property. could it be one? where have you seen it? the one we have seen is a tabby grey, with spots and stripes and strange markings, with big tufts in the ears, and a quite evil looking expression. This cat we have seen probably weighs close to 40 pounds and is about 1 1/2 feet tall. we have had this cat almost attack our barn cat.

    • Hi Karly, may I ask where you are? Are you in the Scotland? I guess you have to be if you saw a Scottish wildcat because they aren’t anywhere else. Scottish wildcats are not 40 pounds. They are like large domestic cats and weight a maximum of about 15+ pounds. Please respond though because your comment interests me. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  17. This is very much a possibility. We have 2 beautiful maine coon/bengal kittens. They are highly active and very social. they have quite a distinct meow and are a little larger than the average kitten so far. Look in the classifieds in your area. We had the same issue of wanting both breeds and found a random ad selling maine coon bengal cross kittens. They are also great with our kids…8 and 12.

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