Is a Maine Coon, Bengal cross possible?

by Jessica Rayne
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Bengal cat and Maine Coon
Bengal cat and Maine Coon. They can be mated but the result animal is not accepted by the cat associations. Image: MikeB.
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Is it possible that there’s a breed of cat crossed between a Maine Coon and a Bengal?!? I find both breeds gorgeous! What I mean by a breed of cat crossed between a Maine-coon and a Bengal, is a Maine-coon with fur the normal length for its breed, tufted ears, bushy tail and so on, except with a spotted pelt similar to that of a leopard.

And eyes varying in colour from greens and blues to ambers, yellows and browns.

If anyone knows that this breed or a similar breed exists, please leave a note!



Hi Jessica… Thanks for popping by and asking. The answer is YES and it has been done – see Renegade and Pantherette below. But they are not registered with any cat association. They are informal ‘cat breeds’. In fact there are no pictures of this hybrid that I can find in Google search. It seems that it is more theoretical than actual and what is the point? You lose the charm and appearance of each breed.

Jack, a visitor, living in Alaska says his daughter has a feral Maine Coon Bengal mix called Indie.

The associations allow any coat colour and pattern for a Maine Coon so a spotted one is acceptable on the face of it. Why aren’t there any? Or are there? There are some but they are experimental and rare.

The only Maine Coon crosses or long haired Bengals or plain long haired spotted cats that I know of that have happened under controlled conditions (deliberately) or not as feral cats are:

American Forest Cat Shorthair: shorthaired Maine Coon type.

Bengal variants: long haired Bengal, unspecified as to how achieved.

Leopold: snow leopard look alike so it long haired and spotted. Or medium long haired. Black rosettes and long body on a silver background.

Maine Coon Rex: standard Maine Coon except for rexed cat (cross with Cornish or German rex?).

Pantherette: Various ways to create this rare breed one being a black Bengal cat crossed with a Maine Coon. Objective: Blank panther look alike so the goal is shorthair, but long hair gene is recessive and therefore pops up.

Renegade: Bengal to Maine Coon cross. Experimental. Produces non typey Bengal cats.

Siacoon: Siamese x Maine Coon cross.

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Is A Maine Coon Bengal Cross Possible? to Maine Coon Cats

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Is A Maine Coon Bengal Cross Possible?

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Mar 13, 2011 Update on spotted MC
by: Cecilia Andes

Does the spotted trait make Maine Coons grow larger? My 10 month old kitten is gianormous!!! He may be near the world record! Got to measure him.

Jan 20, 2011 Mainegals
by: Jennifer

We just got a 3 month old mainegal from a breeder and he is going to be a big one. He is so pretty. The breeders breed bangels and show them and they had a female coon that they breed with the top show cat that they have who is a white bangel with nice markings. I can’t wait to see how the marking on my mainegal changes as he grows he is the color or the bangels and has the big black tuffs on the ears with all the markings of the bangel. He is just a nice looking cat. For only three months old he looks like he is an adult cat but if you see the mom and dad of my mainegal you can see he will be big. I got pics of him if anyone wants to see him. Thanks Jennifer

Jan 18, 2011 mainegal
by: Anonymous

very interested in breeder information have been looking for a maine coon bengal mix but are either medium haired or sold already.

thank you

Jan 17, 2011 Maniegal are possible!
by: Anonymous

I have a Mainegal…. he is 3 months old and has the tuffs and points on his ears, has the mane around the neck and the thick maine coon tail. His color markings resemble that of the bengal. His sire is a Champion Snow leopard Bengal so he has the light snow leopard markings… the stripped legs and the spots/stripes on his torso. He is gorgeous!

If interested, I can give you the name of the breeder who we got our boy from and who is currently breeding Mainegals


If you would like to see a picture of a maine coon bengal cross e mail me my boy is 1 year old now he is about 7kg and still growing he is gorgeous…

Dec 19, 2010 Re: Spotted Purebred Maine Coon
by: candes

Just an update. My 7 1/2 month spotted MC kitten has been sprouting like a little magical bean. He is 42 inches long!

Dec 08, 2010 Yes I have one
by: Julie Watt

I have a 3/4 Mianecoon 1/4 Bengal cross and I am getting another one from the same breeder at christmas time… they have great natures and are very loving, they are totally gorgeous.

Nov 17, 2010 maine coon cross bengal
by: Anonymous

this is possible as a friend of mine as one, he is a big his weight is 14 pounds and still growing.

Sep 20, 2010 Spotted Purebred Maine Coon
by: Candes

Well, I had something quite interesting happen. I have a purebred Maine Coon that is extremely spotted. As a baby, there were some minor spots. But the older he gets the more spotted he gets.

I found this page while looking for others that look like my kitty. Can’t seem to find any.

Aug 17, 2010 tipper
by: Anonymous

i have a maine coon cross bengal hes gorgeos hes lloks just like a bengal with his sleaky coat big ears long tail hes stalks like a panther and always seems to be hunting all the time but not efectionat never wants to sit by you

Jun 17, 2010 maine coon x bengal cross
by: Riddim

i have a maine coon x bengal.

they are an incredible cat. if you would like some pictures, email me @


Jan 20, 2010 Is A Maine Coon Bengal Cross Possible?
by: Jessica Rayne

Thanks so much for all of the information, guys! It’s really helped!

Currently, I own a female modern lilac point Siamese named Maggie. I was interested to find another breed of cat – very different from a Siamese – and compare. I’m also thinking of purchasing a Maine Coon Bengal cross. I love the markings on bengal fur, but I love the shape of Maine Coons’ bodies.

Are there also Ragdoll Bengal crosses existing?

One more thing …

Can a Maine Coon Bengal cross have different coloured fur, such as …


Brown Spotted Tabby

Seal Pink Marbled

Seal Sepia Spotted

… and a couple of different types of Silver Spotted Tabby?



Jan 20, 2010 Racoons
by: jill

We have crossed ragdoll mum with maine coon dad and have racoons I will dig out a photo and post it They have a smaller face than the coons and have the coon coat on top and a very soft thich sense coat huge tails bigger than our coon have and have the fleck of the silver from the ragdoll mum all through the coat We kept 2 females and are going to cross the maine coon mum with a ragdoll dad next and see how they turn out

54 thoughts on “Is a Maine Coon, Bengal cross possible?”

  1. A month ago I watched my 4 year old Bengal Maine Coon cross take almost an hour to die in agony of congestive heart failure because it was a Sunday evening and no vet would come. We’d been treating him for 3 months after he collapsed one day, despite looking very healthy and athletic. The scans showed his heart and liver were far too small as he’d been cramped in the womb so they didn’t grow as they should. It was a death sentence. The vet warned us that he’d got blood clots in his brain which could come free at any time. Eventually one did, and paralysed his front legs 3 hours before he died. He kept trying to stand up and couldn’t. He was crying in agony and we doped him with cocodamol to ease his pain. Then he died with bloody bubbles coming out of his nose and his heart banging so his whole body was racking.

    So no, I don’t agree with crossbreeds and nor did the heart consultant who carried out his scans – she said it was a bad mix and never went well.

    We couldn’t help our beloved boy. Don’t inflict a death sentence by cross breeding. Heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover this.

  2. L’incrocio tra il Bengal ed il Maine Coon è possibile. La razza, chiamata Renegade, è in fase sperimentale.
    Una settimana fà è nata la mia cucciolata Renegade!
    Se conoscete qualcuno che ha fatto accoppiare Bengal x Maine Coon, scrivetemi. Voglio impegnarmi per superare la fase sperimentale e far sì che la razza sia accertata.
    Cordiali saluti!


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