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Is a Siamese cat right for me? — 4 Comments

  1. Michael, ANY cat is good for me — LOL!! I do love all kitties — active, chatty — whatever. My last rescue, a little black cat who was very near death when my son found her, is quite a chatty little lady. My Siamese cats that I have had (all 3 at RB now) were never very chatty. My Bengal mix is a chatty girl. I have also found that the more you converse with them, the more they converse back to you — regardless of breed. Most of mine are moggies — all being adopted/rescued. I treat my kitties like little children and talk to them quite frequently, and for the most part, they all respond. Love my ‘kids’ — along with my son Tyler — could not live without them!! ♥♥♥

  2. I remember many years ago, hearing a cry that I thought was a baby, but later learned was a Siamese. From that day on, I knew I didn’t want one. I was glad to have found out sooner than later.

    All the cats I’ve had have been mellow “moggies”.

    • OMGosh Toad is hideous to listen to. But I loves her because she is my baby. I will admit I’m glad that both her and Frog are not so inclined. One is enough.

  3. It’s worth mentioning that even several generations removed from pure Siamese some cats will retain that voice. While Toad does not appear Siamese the traits her mother the Tortinese passed it on to my Tabbinese Tigers. More specifically Toad.

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