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Is abandoning a cat illegal? — 4 Comments

  1. Here in Jasper County Missouri they will prosecute a person that abandons a dogs but do not care if it’s a cat. Our animal control will come pick up a dog but not a cat. They will prosecute the killing of a dog but not a cat. Cats are on their own here. I hate Missouri and if I ever get the money to get out of here I’d be gone in 60 seconds.

    • I presume that abandoning cats and dogs are covered by the same law. Therefore, this is a stark case of speciesism. Cats get a bad deal from the police as they prefer dogs.

  2. Abandoning a cat at a shelter is better than throwing it away at the local dumpster where hawks, coyotes and other predators will catch and eat it.

    Some pee-poles have been doing it near Washington, GA and no one will help. The county shelter evidently is a joke. They said to call the sheriff’s department if the kittens are feral, otherwise catch them and bring them in.

    If I could catch them, they wouldn’t be feral or living beside a dumpster! Morons!

    • Nice comment. The theory is that very few people abandon cats carelessly. Nearly all do it very reluctantly and for good reasons. That’s what the major rescue organisations say. You wouldn’t believe it some times.

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