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  1. Do note the laws make NO distinction for your personal and absurd definitions of what is and is not a “domesticated cat”. ALL house-cats, in the home, stray, or feral, or “domesticated cats”. Your house-cats are what are defined as a “domesticated species”, bred by humans for the purpose of humans = “domesticated”. “Domesticated” has nothing to do with what state of freedom they are presently living under. They are a “domesticated species”, no matter where they are on the planet nor no matter how much contact they’ve had with humans. This is why they can “go feral”, back to a wild state. A native cat species can never “go feral” only domesticated species can. Please educate yourself so everyone else doesn’t have to do it for you, over and over and over and over and over and over and over, on ad-infinauseum.

    • I think you have misunderstood me and are mixed up. Even in your first sentence you show a mixed up approach. You say the law makes no distinction between feral, stray and domestic cats. That is incorrect because there are laws regarding TNR which solely relate to feral cats. Also there are laws which are biased against feral cats. I don’t have the time to explain that here.

      I never said that domestication relates to the state of freedom. So I have no idea why you wrote that. Feral cats are not domestic cats and not domesticated. In Australia for example they are akin to a new species of wild cat almost. Abandoned domestic cats never quite go completely feral if they survive while feral cats born in the wild are truly wild but can be domesticated.

      Native species of American cats are true wild cat species and the word “feral” does not apply to them so I don’t know why you wrote that sentence.

      • Let’s see if we can dumb this down to your ability to think, it will be difficult.

        You have two dogs, a male and female pair of Collies. Both are a domestic animal, a “domesticated species”, bred by man for the uses of man. You dump them off on an island. You come back 3 generations of dogs later and the island is populated with their offspring. You take them all back to the mainland. Which of them are “domestic species” and which are wild native species?

        Apparently you fail to understand and grasp the concept of the word “feral” too. Native species cannot go feral. Only domesticated species of animals can go feral (which does not alter their “domesticated species” status and definition). Like feral hogs, feral horses, etc. You have domesticated house-cats, domesticated stray-cats, and domesticated feral-cats. Then there are your myriad wild/native cat species. Only ONE species is considered “domesticated”, your house-cat, Felis catus. The feral Felis catus is no different than the one in your house. They are both defined as a “domesticated species” by science, by law, by all educated and thinking people, the ONLY difference is that the one in your home is habituated to humans and the other is not. In all science, in all law, in all people with basic common-sense; they all use the definition that any house-cat, no matter its comfort level around humans, is called a “domesticated animal”. That is the definition of “domesticated”. Not your layman’s biased “I wish it were true so I don’t have to obey the law” definition.

        You have the world of knowledge available at your fingertips today, yet you insist on pretending to be this uneducated and stupid when it comes to cats. Why is that?

  2. Person #1: Drops off a cat that they claim to be in charge of in a park, then Person #1 goes home. The cat is ran over by a car. Person #1 is guilty of all animal-abandonment laws and fined $5,000 for allowing an animal in their care to get hit by a car.

    Person #2: Drops off a spayed or neutered cat that they claim to be in charge in the park (and there are now even veterinarian records to prove they were in possession of that cat and claimed responsibility for it), then Person #2 goes home. The cat is ran over by a car. Person #2 is guilty of animal-abandonment and fined $5,000 for allowing an animal in their care to get hit by a car.

    Please point out the difference between the two and why one is guilty of animal-abandonment and the other is not. This I’ve got to hear. LOL

    • Hi, I think you have another typo which you have failed to spot because in both examples you say (correctly) that the person is guilty of cat abandonment yet in the penultimate sentence you say there is a difference and one is guilty and the other is not.

      The fact is that it is irrelevant whether a cat is neutered or not when it comes to abandonment under the law where it is a crime to abandon a cat.

      • I asked it that way because YOU think one should be guilty and the other should not be guilty.

        So, you agree then. Both people are guilty of animal-abuse and animal-neglect and animal-endangerment. Why have you not turned in your supporter Dee to the authorities for her 100+ counts of animal-abuse?

        Once you take possession of any animal, you are now the legal guardian. If you cannot obey all the laws required to keep that animal safe from all harms, then you need to sit in a prison cell. It’s that simple. Why do you fail to grasp these common-sense simple concepts that every other pet-owner and animal-owner (and non-pet-owner) on earth comprehends?

  3. I hope someone in Florida has photographed Dee feeding her hoards of cats, and then finds one that got ran-over by a car and photographs it as well. 🙂

    According to FL law, “(3) Any person who is the owner or possessor, or has charge or custody, of any animal who abandons such animal to suffer injury …”

    She then gets to pay a nice fine of $5,000 per road-kill TNR cat of hers and maybe a nice stay in a jail-cell where she can think about what she’s actually doing to the cats that she claims to love. LOL

    • Your comment seems to have nothing to do with cat abandonment unless you are saying that feral cats are abandoned domestic cats. But that is not the case because abandoned domestic cats are stray cats. Feral cats are born undomesticated. I don’t get the point of your comment. You are a relatively polite version of Woody.

    • Jim, you didn’t complete the statute:

      “Any person who is the owner or possessor, or has charge or custody, of any animal who abandons such animal to suffer injury or malnutrition or abandons any animal in a street, road, or public place without providing for the care, sustenance, protection, and shelter of such animal is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or by a fine of not more than $5,000, or by both imprisonment and a fine.”

      I have abandoned no feral. They exist because of the neglect and idiocy of others. All registered feral colonies are well taken care of. You should know that by now.

      • Once you take possession of a cat you are now its legal owner. The very reason you have to sign all those forms when you take your cat to a veterinarian, so they can legally take temporary custody of your cat for the time it needs to be vetted. Then you sign forms again taking back legal possession of that cat. Those cats are legally yours and you dump them off to be ran over by cars and worse. You need to be sitting in a prison cell for a long long long long time (after you’ve paid a small king’s ransom in fines, that is). If you cannot contain a cat and keep it safe from all harms, then never take possession of a cat. It’s that simple, That’s the law.

    • Jim, you are here in Florida. I implore you to show yourself and report me as either a hoarder or abuser of cats. I will, happily, give you all info about the rescue group I am associated with.
      Just, come out Jim. Stop being a coward.

  4. Ps..I am not talking about shelters..but rescue. Ceners that will pick up feed take care of..get medical attention ..and give them love..until they find caring and loving adoptions can be done.

  5. Please tell me how to get laws passed. I really feel it should be a CRIME..punishable by. jail and a fine. If the poor little animals eere hurt in. any way..it should be a felony .I agree with Eva..we should be their advocates. People please if you don’t want or can’t take care of your little ones..please find homes . Please get your animals fixed. We also need more rescue centers for these animals. They deserve. a chance to live a happy and loving safe life.

  6. Of course it is. but any loving person will try to find a suitable home for them if possible.At the very least make contact with others and admit they can not care for the animal.We are supposed to be their advocates.
    Eva says_

    • Beautifully said Eva. Amongst a section of society there is a acceptance that they can get rid of their cat as and when they want to. Others like you never contemplate this ever. Abandonment not in their dictionary.

  7. Once again ..who could abandon a dog or cat that is a member of your family ? we bring these beautiful animals into our homes and lives…then dump them? Again …humans are the problem . Animals are so forgiving. A human hurts them both emotionally and physically ..and they still look to humans to help them. If only humans could love..forgive the way these wonderful animals do..I do believe crime would go way down…Why don’t we learn from them??

    • Alexe, it is all about the attitude and mentality of the pet owner. Some are genuine and concerned like you. They are sensitive to their pet’s emotions and desires etc.. Others are insensitive and don’t see much wrong in getting rid of their cat or dog when it pleases them. These people are a horrible as far as I am concerned. They need heavy duty education and when necessary punishment. They receive neither normally.

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