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Is an hermaphrodite cat gender neutral?

UK: A cat rescue, Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, described one of their cats, Dixie, as ‘gender neutral’ because she/he is an hermaphrodite (they think). A retired crane driver, Jack Rawcliffe said that it was wrong to call Dixie gender neutral. She should be called an hermaphrodite. Jack is a client of this rescue.

Gender neutral cat Dixie. Images: Kennedy News and Media. Montage: PoC.

“The vets clipped him so he wouldn’t soil himself, it was then they noticed his genitals were a little unusual.”

Jack is one of those older guys (and I understand his frustration) who is sick to death of this modern language surrounding gender nowadays such as LBGTQ. He takes the Mikey by saying that he is ‘sick to death of LBGTQRXYZ stuff’.

There is a lot of political correctness around LBGTQ gender status (if that’s how it is described). However, in defence, there is a definite need to go a step further to ensure fairness and equality across the wide spectrum of gender types and sexual orientations. We must respect them all identically. So I also get the need to support LBGTQ people. It is generally a healthy movement.

Photos: Kennedy News and Media. Montage: PoC.

But back to Dixie. Jack was heavily criticised for his disrespectful reference to the LBGTQ ‘movement’ if I can call it that. So what gender is Dixie?

Well the veterinarians have said that he has female sex organs, a vagina, but no penis and he has testicles. He has two ‘oddly formed shapes we believe are testicles’. They were removed. I think that makes Dixie female now because she no longer has testicles and no penis but she has female sex organs. This is why I can’t understand the Daily Mail (the source of this article) describing Dixie as male by saying e.g. ‘He’s got a vulva and a vagina but he hasn’t got a penis’.

“Health-wise he’s absolutely fine, Dixie’s a lovely cat”

I’d change her name. She’ll find a great home as she is a fine cat and healthy which is the more important topic. She is a bit timid but very loving. She’ll be ready for adoption in about ten days. She is described as ‘he’ but unless I have missed something she should be a ‘she’ surely?

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