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Is Australia’s Feral Cat-Proof Fence Really Cat Proof? — 2 Comments

  1. I quite like the thought of a ‘super feral’ If the ferals are f3 Bengal crosses, then I don’t reckon they would expend valuable energy on a possibly fruitless wrangle over the overhang. I think the bright Bengal would dig below the fence in a trice.

    In my childhood, a neighbour told me, when building a big run for his geese, that to keep out a fox you need to lay a thick wire fence under the turf reaching at least one yard away from the fence. Apparently the fox is not wily enough to figure out a couple of steps back. To keep out badgers, adding a vertically inserted thick wire fence beneath the ground, under the pont where the fence hits the ground is enough to deter them.

    His geese thrived. Can’t see a cat being fooled by such efforts though.

    I dread any official announcement on the methods of ‘ clearing ‘

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