Is Australia’s Feral Cat-Proof Fence Really Cat Proof?

I see Australia have almost completed their famous feral cat-proof fence running for 44 kilometres. It is a typical cat proof fence in appearance; tall with an overhang at the top. The overhang is crucial as it stops cats climbing over the fence. The idea behind the fence is to create a reserve in Central Australia for wildlife away from predators such as the much maligned Australian feral cat.

Is Australia's Feral Cat-Proof Fence Really Cat Proof?
Is Australia’s Feral Cat-Proof Fence Really Cat Proof?
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Businesses in the US and UK manufacture these sorts of fences albeit on a much smaller scale. They all have overhangs. However, I happen to know that they are not 100% guaranteed to stop cats getting over them. These fences stop 99.9% of all domestic cats getting out of backyards. They are cat confinement fences. They work really well. I have one.

But Bengal cats have been known to get over these fences as they are particularly athletic. These are probably F3 Bengals; large cats with impressive powers.

Super-feral Cats

There are some ‘super-feral cats’ in Australia that are as athletic as F3 Bengals. ‘Super-feral’ is a description used by the Australian authorities. They are large and capable animals almost like a new species of wild cat. They may able to negotiate the overhang. It means that the cat has to climb upside down for a short distance which is very hard for a cat. However, the wild cat, the margay does this.

Bengal cats can do it sometimes. Can some Aussie super-feral cats do it? That’s the big question because if some can and they get into the 9,300 hectare enclosure they’ll have a field day. There will be no competition from other cats or foxes. There will be plenty of wildlife. The objective of the Aussie government will be cracked into two.

P.S. The authorities have to clear the new reserve of all feral cats. I presume that they are killing them although we have heard nothing on this.

2 thoughts on “Is Australia’s Feral Cat-Proof Fence Really Cat Proof?”

  1. I quite like the thought of a ‘super feral’ If the ferals are f3 Bengal crosses, then I don’t reckon they would expend valuable energy on a possibly fruitless wrangle over the overhang. I think the bright Bengal would dig below the fence in a trice.

    In my childhood, a neighbour told me, when building a big run for his geese, that to keep out a fox you need to lay a thick wire fence under the turf reaching at least one yard away from the fence. Apparently the fox is not wily enough to figure out a couple of steps back. To keep out badgers, adding a vertically inserted thick wire fence beneath the ground, under the pont where the fence hits the ground is enough to deter them.

    His geese thrived. Can’t see a cat being fooled by such efforts though.

    I dread any official announcement on the methods of ‘ clearing ‘


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