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Is banning domestic cats feasible? — 4 Comments

  1. You don’t have to pass new laws to ban all outdoor cats. Where I live everyone shoots any stray cat that they see, owned or not. Nobody lets their cats roam free anymore, going on 20 years now. All cat owners in the area finally figured out how to actually care about the lives of their pets and act like responsible adults. There are no outdoor cats for many many miles around. Common practice in most all rural areas of the USA. Why waste lawmakers’ time when all the responsible adults already know how to solve the problem permanently and legally, by teaching irresponsible cat owners what will happen to their cats if they remain irresponsible pet owners. If there are not direct and immediate irreversible consequences from their irresponsible actions then they never learn anything. All the comments on your website, and even your own comments are 100% proof positive of that. You’ll never learn until everyone kills any and all cats that anyone lets roam free.

    Just look at your reply to this, that only proves it yet again.

    • Do u have the guts to tell us your real name, where you live and provide a photo of yourself? In fact the comment rules insist that you, as a troll, must upload a photo of yourself. So no more comments until you comply with the rules.

  2. Perhaps they should ban all non native life from the area including people. I mean if it’s so biologically sensitive why is the village even there in the first place? What are they going to do when someone spots a cat sitting in a window break the door down and kill a domestic pet? The trouble with cat lovers is somewhere in the back of their minds they think this kind of thing will never affect them. Cat haters are what they are. But I don’t understand what appears to be a an outcry from cat lovers over the character assassination of their own pets.
    Aside from colony cats that are fixed and cared for people who raise a kitten or adopt one are negligent for letting them roam. You wouldn’t open your door at 10 PM and let your two year old toddler out for the night. It’s not acceptable to let your pet roam and invade other peoples property and their right to not have a cat. Plus it exposes them to the kind of trolls we see pop up here who like to think of nasty ways to hurt an innocent animal because there is something seriously wrong in their heads.

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