Is Bella a Maine Coon??????

Is Bella a Maine Coon??????

by Blair

Bella - is she a Maine Coon cat?

Bella - is she a Maine Coon cat?

I got Bella from a lady who was too allergic to keep her. She said that she was at the animal hospital in the window. Even when i got her i knew she was special! Very big but very special. she loves to love me, and will almost never meow. Instead she will make these little noises to get my attention. Her fur looks like the same texture as the coon kittens on this web page, and when i bathe her she dries in no time.

She has tons of hair growing in between her toes and in her ears. I think maybe a breeder left her there at the hospital. I'm not sure but she has some bad kitty breath and a little kitty asthma.

Any comments would be helpful. If she is a Maine Coon then i would like to say that this is the best breed of cat in my opinion. i have never owned a lil girl as special as her and know i never will again!


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Is Bella a Maine Coon??????

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Aug 17, 2009 Bella Maine Coon??
by: Stella

With out any type of registration papers, I agree that it would be very hard to be sure she is a Maine Coon. The tuffs of fur between the toes and her beautiful full tail would say she could be. But what is important is that she has a wonderful home with you. Only a BYB may leave a kitten at a vets office and not care where a kitten went. The vet should have information if the breeder left her there for medical attention, unless just dropped at the door. Bad Breeder Good for Bella! I would have to agree that Maine Coons are a wonderful breed. I fell in love with them after years of having domestic cats. I found them loving, devoted, fun, and very caring cats. Nothing has changed in the breed over the years, it is nature's natural breed. They are smart and gentle. They are on the large size also, just more to love. But not good when you have 3 that want to be in your lap at one time. You do have to super size the litter boxes, beds, and scratching posts, usually my bed is where they want to sleep. I am in awe of them. I thought they were very laid back but have found a couple of my girls love to run the agility ring at the cat shows and they have done very well against the other more active breeds.
Bella will be a wonderful pet and companion for you. She was waiting for you!

R P Cathouse

Aug 17, 2009 Bella
by: Anonymous

Bella is beautiful! And a great companion. Whether she is a Maine Coon is important but not that important. Normally people know if their cat is a purebred cat such as a Maine Coon because they have papers (documentary evidence) to prove it (a pedigree is needed).

But there are a lot of Maine Coon mix cats around it seems. These are cats with lots of Maine Coon genes but they are not purebred so they look like Maine Coon cats and have similar characteristics but cannot really be described as a Maine Coon. That may but I am only guessing.

Bella looks like she could be a Maine Coon but you will probably never know unless there is a genetic database that profiles genetically a Maine Coon cat and Bella's genes are tested against that. I have never heard of such a database for any purebred cat.

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