Is Calla Possibly Part Mau?

Is Calla Possibly Part Mau?

by Jessi
(Carlsbad, CA)

Calla as a young kitten.

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Calla as a young kitten.

I was astonished when brushing my cat that her fur was not black all the way through and I started researching. One of our cats Lily came from a rescue - Calla - our black cat just showed up.

She is VERY loyal to me and after 1.5 years is warming up to my husband, she plays with Lily and once in a while sleeps with her - but just as easily could be on her own.

Calla is VERY intelligent - very agile and very athletic - sometimes reminding me of a dancer. My photos are not that good - but I will post anyway.

Sometimes her eyes seems green, other times a greenish golden. She is VERY alert. Calla greets us at the door 95% of the time. She is not very vocal, but when she talks she makes quiet noises, sometimes a soft meow, sometimes a chirp - hard to explain. She loves sleeping under the covers and will sit on my lap - but not for long. When we first had her - probably about 6 months old - she played rough with toys and "fought" plastic bags - also chewed things like a puppy?

I can send more images I doubt she is 100% but really starting to think she is part Mau.


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Is Calla Possibly Part Mau?

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Jul 05, 2010
by: Jessi

Thanks Michael,

I think you bring up good points. Sometimes her fur "rusts" almost a wine or chocolate and also once in a while I think I see Tabby markings as well.

Jul 05, 2010
No - Sorry
by: Michael

Hi, thanks for visiting and asking. There seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment to ask if a cat is part Egyptian Mau.

The answer is either, "I don't know" or "no" - sorry.

In the case of Calla there is nothing really that tells me (
for one and I am not the gospel on this topic) she is part Egyptian Mau. A lot of random bred cats will have the characteristics that you mention.

However, she appears to be a melanistic cat as her black coat has faint markings. However, this may not indicate melanism. Melanism is classically apparent in the black panther, which is a melanistic jaguar or leopard, usually. The spotted pattern is heavily masked by black pigmentation, which is melanin.

Someone probably will or might provide a better answer and in the meantime thanks again and good luck. Calla looks a fine cat.



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  1. Sunshine Man was the most unique cat that I have ever known. His coat was striped like a blue tabby. When I took a closer look, his stripes were not solid but spotted in the pattern of stripes. He also had the biggest, most beautiful green gold eyes I have ever seen. Curious, I took him to the vet to see if she knew what mix of cat he was. She looked him over and concluded that he was in large part Egyptian Mau. Sunshine was super intelligent and fiercely loyal to me. He had a vocabulary of about 15 words that were clear as a bell, I kid you not. There is so much to say about him that to do him justice I would need to write a book. I was Sunshine’s human for 24 years and 9 months. He passed away very recently and I miss him terribly.

    • Peggy, Sunshine Man looks and behaves like a very interesting cat. I would like you to write about him for this website. You can simply email me at:

      mjbmeister[at] — change [at] to @

      and just write some more and add some large sized photos as attachments. I’d love to know more about him,

      Thanks for sharing.


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