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Is Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue Genuine or Untrustworthy? — 17 Comments

  1. Big Cat Rescue and Carole Baskin does not declaw their cats. The ones who are were transferred to them from breeders, circuses. If you go to their website you will see how happy their cats are. They spoil their cats, also no hands on like some people. They also have rehabilitaion of Bob cats who are hit by cars, or abandoned by the mother. They do total vet care, teach it to hunt without the hands on then releases back to the wild.

  2. The article about BCR and Baskin is reasonably accurate. There are many owners of exotics that have told of selling big cats to Baskin for her own breeding programs and personal gain. There are also quite a few folks who have showed documentation over the years of Baskin selling exotic cubs to them. Baskin claims the big cat Khan was a damaged rescue, however there is available video of the cat with its previous owner (very healthy) and with Baskin AFTER PURCHASE (also very healthy). Therefore, anything which her later videos show or claims is the actual condition is what occurred during the time Khan with WITH BASKIN.

    Hybrid cats are no different than what we now call domestic cats. Himmies are technically a “hybrid” since they are a cross between persian and siamese. Maine Coons are technically a hybrid because they are believed to have derived from the crossing of the European Wildcat [Felis silvestris silvestris] and the Skogkatter (also known as the predecessor to the Norwegian Forest Cat or “Weegie”) which was possibly brought to the new world by Norse explorers. Hybridization is the basis of the majority of our current world, whether it is for beauty (as are many hybrid flowers) or eating (such as the varieties of vegetables, fruits, and meats we consume).

    A minor correction for the article. The Bengal is derived from a cross between the ASIAN (not Snow) Leopard Cat [Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis] -or- AMUR Leopard Cat [Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus/euptilura] and domestic shorthairs (although some longhair breeds have been used). Early generation females are fertile, however the males are not, with less than 10% of the 4th generation being fertile. It is worth noting that the USDA specifies a “domestic” as one that is at least 4 generations away from the wild, and can viably reproduce. The 5th generation is unquestionably “domestic” in the eyes of the scientific community.

    No cat is truly domesticated. While they have tolerated the company of humans for a long time, they are not hardwired like dogs to want human contact. It is on their terms, and has to do with the conditions they encounter. You will find, however, that hybrids have a much deeper relationship with their owners, and even other household pets, than exist in most domestic cats. It is a special bond, and it should be RESPECTED and NOT tampered with.

      • I was right! I stick by everything I said. Now, thanks to the documentary, everyone knows she is a murderess, con artist, gold digger, as well most likely a street walker.

        • Well these are you thoughts. I disagree with you. I think she not the person that you say she is. She is ambitious and a strong character and successful which as created enemies. She does a good job in rescuing wild cats abused by irresponsible self-indulgent people.

        • You need to get your facts straight before you blame somebody on a creep who makes money on abusing animals. Joe is jealous of Carold and the people who follow big cat rescue because her, and us have tried to shut him down due to the abuse those animals go through. He is in prison now, he will do anything to make himself look good to the public, but we know better.

  3. Not sure what to think. Before this I had never heard anything except good about BCR.I do know that even a millionaire would run out of money footing the bill for this place. Therefore,fund raisers,donations,etc. are a must. If she was once in the business of selling exotics and got out,maybe that is because she realised she was doing harm and decided to fight against such issues.People can and do change their perspectives.About the men in her life,where is the evidence of her “crimes”,not accusations,but real evidence.You have to look at these accusations with some common sense.I did find the following article interesting. It could be the reason for the attack on Carole. http://911animalabuse.com/bradshaw-susan-aronoff/

    • I agree with you Geri. I saw BCR as an organisation doing good but she has lots of enemies like the author of this article, which is why I published it. But they may all have an axe to grind, a hidden agenda for all I know. The bottom line is that animals are being saved.

      I have a feeling that her detractors hate her because she stands for animal rights and people who like to use and abuse animals don’t like someone stopping them.

  4. Wow!

    I just spent close to an hour reading a slew of stuff about BCR and Carole Baskin including reputable investigative reports and comments from previous employees as well as individuals who sold their big cats to her.

    My opinion is that she is more than shady, her motives have been far less than altruistic, and she is, in all probability, a criminal.

    One of the most chilling things that I read was that the stepdaughter had requested that machinery and meat grinders be DNA tested for evidence of her missing father.

    • Wow, I am pleased you have done a bit of reading about her. I don’t know where the truth is. I just present what I see and what people say. If you say that she is shady I’ll trust that assessment.

      It is shame though because at the end of the day she does save the lives of wild cats, doesn’t she? She does some good, doesn’t she? Or is she just using them like the people she criticises?

  5. I’d never heard of Carole Baskin or BCR before I read this article, but if it’s true that she has had any/all of her cats declawed, that’s enough to make me consider her cruel, ignorant and untrustworthy.

    • Carole Baskin one of those people who makes a lot of enemies and critics but I don’t know where the truth lies. She is an American who high profile in the wild cat rescue business. Don’t automatically presume that the author of this article is telling the truth.

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