Is Cat Inbreeding Always Successsful?

Is Cat Inbreeding Always Successsful?

by Rudolph.a.Furtado

Matata and Matahari

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Matata and Matahari

Please refer to the video (see it on YouTube) which shows Queen cat Matahari absolutely in heat at 2 years 8 months of age while her 11 month kitten seems totally disinterested. Is Matata too young or too "humanised" as a pet lap cat, hence unaware of the natural mating instinct?

They normally chase each other around the house and play with Matahari being the dominant, always treating Matata as the kitten. Matata has developed into a beautiful specimen of the Traditional Persian Cat Breed and hence I have decided to mate him to his dam and try inbreeding to breed a localised "Mumbai Persian cat", acclimatised to hot and humid climatic conditions, to get a true to type "Persian cat".

A few monthe before I was mistaken in thinking that Matata had already impregnated Matahari but later realised my misdiagnosis, the same mentioned in my previous blog on PoC.

This is a very candid video taken on Friday (19-2-2010) early in the morning and gives a true picture of the callousness of Matata and the frenzied sexual excitement of Matahari. The stud cat with which I mated Matahari in January 2008 wouldn't let her out of sight, just continuously mating or trying to mate with her over a period of 3 days, the resultant offspring being Matata and 5 other kittens.

Matata's total lack of interest in sex confuses me, hence suggestions required from experienced cat fanciers and breeders.

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Is Cat Inbreeding Always Successful? to Persian Cats

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Is Cat Inbreeding Always Successsful?

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Feb 20, 2010 Inbreeding
by: Michael

Hi Rudolph. As you might know I am not a cat breeder. However, two things come to mind. I am sure that not all male cats are attracted to all female cats. Sure they are promiscuous if left to breed in an uncontrolled manner but there will be some discretion, some choices and some preferences. A breeder might like to comment on that.

In nature inbreeding takes place when populations are small and confined (island populations). In other words when inbreeding is "forced" on a population of wild cats it happens. I am thinking of the Florida panther as only one example. The Siberian tiger is another.

Inbreeding causes congenital defects and infertility ultimately. I know that is a simplistic statement but essentially true. Where a population of wild cats is large enough the males will roam ensuring survival of the species.

What I am saying is that it is not necessarily wise to inbreed. The better answer (to fix type) may be to find a Persian breeder with a suitable cat and pay for stud rights or whatever breeders call it. That would widen the gene pool of the offspring and introduce some useful "hot climate Persian" appearance if the selected cat was a true Mumbai Persian!

Thanks for visiting again. I would like to know a bit more about the Indian cat fancy. Are there any other people like you in Mumbai! People who breed purebred Persian cats or any other breed of cat?

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