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Is cat whisker fatigue real? — 3 Comments

  1. Can’t say I’ve ever had a cat who suffered whisker fatigue. Then again, I’ve always used saucers or stainless steel, shallow dishes to serve up their meals.

    Whilst I don’t doubt the sensitivity of cats’ whiskers, I can’t help thinking this is being used a marketing ploy to flog expensive dishes.

  2. While constant firing of nerves will reinforce neural pathways, I think it is more likely some cats get annoyed rather than in pain. I feed mine from shallow metal bowls (metal being easy to sterilise) that can be bought from any pet shop, but they happily poke their muzzles into tubs and yoghurt pots to get at whatever is at the bottom of the pot.

    Rather than pay $20 for a gimmicky bowl, simply use a plate, a wide soup dish, a shallow round cake tin or even a shallow dog dish. If you feed dry biscuits use a puzzle feeder (which can be home made) to stimulate the mind as well as the tastebuds. There are already cheap bowls that closely resemble the whisker-friendly bowl so this person hasn’t invented anything new, just a logo and a pseudo-medical condition and a higher price!

    • Thank you Sarah for your comment. I have similar thoughts to yours. I think it is over stated this problem. And of course somebody has jumped onto the commercial bandwagon to make some money out of it.

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