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Is Cat’s Pride lightweight litter safe? — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve had similar concerns. To mitigate any mess and inhalation/ingestion problems from using standard clay litter, I locate my cat boxes where I can ventilate the area either with a small fan (blowing the dust away from the box toward an open window or door) and / or near an exhaust fan that sucks the air out of the house, in or near the bathroom. Usually when one of my cats uses the litter box they kind of announce it afterwards. I finally noticed that they do that, then I go turn on that fan. Another way to do that rather than leaving it on all day would be to connect one to a trigger device like an infra-red motion detector aimed at the box. Electronics stores like Fry’s have things like that. Probably the best thing would be to use an air filter on low right at the box, and change the filter as needed. I think as long as you don’t have a dust cloud hanging over the cat box, your cat isn’t in much danger, but you shouldn’t use silica, perlite or volcanic ash. My rule of thumb is if any product is “new and improved” with your convenience in mind, it’s probably bad for the cat.

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