Is Cleopatra a Maine Coon?

Is Cleopatra a Maine Coon?

by Danielle
(Ontario, Canada)



I found this beautiful kitten at a feed store, no one wanted her because she was calico....I thought she was gorgeous! I think she is Maine Coon, she acts very much like a dog and sounds like she is laughing and trilling and chattering her teeth.

She follows me everywhere and only likes to eat when the family is eating. Any thoughts on the type of breed she is?


Update Tue Sep 15 17:42:10 2009 EDT: CLEOPATRA AT 17 WEEKS TAKEN TODAY

Cleopatra a Maine Coon Cat mix

Here is Cleopatra today, the picture I posted yesterday (see top of page) was when I first got her 5 weeks ago. She has a little pink on her fur under her chin because she was playing in water, the collar leaked on her fur somehow. I agree with you all that she most likely has Maine coon in her, none the less she is very loved! I will come back and post in a couple of months and show you all how big she's getting!

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Is Cleopatra a Maine Coon?

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Sep 05, 2010 cleopatra 'Is she a Maine Coone
by: Carolyn SeRine

You cat is most definately a Maine Coone. Sometimes a breed can puzzle you but not this one. The stature, the perfect round eyes, the deep M marking on her head, all Mainbe Coons have a darker color on the tip of there nose.

I hope you both are never seperated as time goes on you will see the intellengence she has.They are very loyal as well. They become your kids

I have always spoken to my kids like adults even an excuse me walking by.

Some people feel Im over the edge with my cats until they see something spectacular that they do.

My late Sherlock would wave, he was a painter! He opened doors, watched TV,turned on the stero.

I love all cats but Maine Coons are a wonderous intellegent breed.

I wish you both years of happiness and joy!

Sep 16, 2009 Still as beautiful
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

She sure has grown a lot in those few weeks, but still as stunningly beautiful. Thank you for posting.

It's funny to see that although the colours may be spread at random like an abstract piece of art, the tabby pattern is still so strictly adhered to. Clearly defined M pattern in the forehead and a stripe from each eyes. Nothing random about that part of her dress... 😉

Sep 16, 2009 Kiss
by: Anonymous

I want to kiss her right on that gorgeous tabby "M"

Sep 15, 2009 thank you!
by: Danielle

thank you all for you lovely comments!

Sep 15, 2009 What a stunning cat!!!
by: Isabelle B South Africa

Cleopatra is a really stunning cat...

Sep 15, 2009 A beautiful cat
by: Ruth

Cleopatra is beautiful and I love her name ! She does look as if she has a bit of Maine Coon somewhere in her ancestry and the following you around is a trait too.
I can't imagine anyone not wanting such a lovely cat, I'm so glad you have given her a good home.

Sep 15, 2009 She's Unique
by: Finn Frode

You're right - she looks gorgeous! I can't imagine why anybody would pass her by just because she's calico/tortoise. It adds so much to the facial expression and give's her a unique appearance.
And when it comes to photographing, you have a much easier job at hand than with a solid black, which often comes out as a big black matter with two eyes.
But looks of course has nothing to do with the inner qualities of a cat, and it seems you have gotten yourself a faithful companion. What you descibe as "like a dog" is just because she has bonded so well with you - her substitute mother.
As to her family tree I agree with Michael - with that determined chin there must have been a Maine Coon around somewhere in the past. I'd love to see whether it stays that way when she grows up, so please remember to post an update next year.

Sep 14, 2009 Your Cat
by: Debra

What a beautiful cat. I am not good at guessing breeds but at least you gave her a loving home. Good Luck

Sep 14, 2009 My two pennies worth
by: Michael

Well, I've got to have a go at this. It is unwise to try and guess a cat breed. All purebred cats have pedigrees (papers) that prove that they are a cat breed and purebred.

However, Cleopatra does have a face that is very distinctly Maine Coon. And my guess is that she has some Maine Coon in her. There are a lot of Maine Coon mix cats out there (part Maine Coon). And why not? Her face is the tell tale sign for me but it is not certain.

She is a very attractive girl cat though. A darling of a cat.

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