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Is Eucalyptus Oil Safe for Cats? — 5 Comments

  1. I believe since essential oils are one of tbe items not falling under FDA inspection the essential oil companies can make any claims they want and do not have to put warning labels on their products. They are not going to say OMG do not buy our products, we are so sorry your cat got sick. We have to stop believing they care about anything but keeping their jobs, no sales, no job. That is the only reason companies fight so hard to keep animal testing labs, if the torture chamber goes away so do their pay checks. Sickening because in most cases nothing is ever gained by testing on animals. Essential oil companies like the lab do not give a shit about your cat.

  2. Essential oils and pets scare me. I would never suggest to a pet parent to use oils. I’ve used them on myself, but wash my hands before touching my cats or their food. I also do this when cleaning or putting creams on my skin.

    I will admit that the purity of the oil and the amount ingested may also have an impact, but again I hesitate to offer advice to an untutored parent. Cats are so sensitive to toxins and many chemicals that do not bother us. I consider myself knowledgeable about cats and familiar with oils and their dangers, yet still I research everything before doing something new.

    I, myself, am allergic to products like glade plugins, scenters, candles, and the like.

    Good article.

    • Me too. I have become very aware of the potential dangers of many human products and would question their safety before buying. It is a about asking oneself if a product might harm a cat rather than ignoring that aspect of a purchase.

  3. “A producer of essential oils Young Living… suggest that dog and cat owners can rub oils on the paws of their pets to see what happens.”

    Very BAD advice! I would NEVER recommend rubbing any potential toxin on a pet’s feet. Not only could it harm their respiratory system, they will ingest it while licking it off their paws.

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